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Review Arcwave Voy

This is my very first review of a masturbator, I don't have a penis myself, but there is someone close to me who wanted to test Arcwave's newest toy, the Voy, for me. I call him Mr. X because he likes to remain anonymous, which is totally fine with me. So thanks mr. X for testing and the information :-)

I got the Arcwave Voy from the WOW Tech Group to test it. The release date of the Voy is today, May 5, 2022!


Material: ABS Plastic and Cleantech Silicone

Length: 11 cm

Diameter: 4,5 cm

Waterproof: Yes

Retail price: € 89,- you can buy the Arcwave Voy here

My first impression

What a handy size, very discreet too, so you can just leave the Arcwave Voy on your bedside table and no one can see it's a masturbator. And when you take the protective caps off, it looks very much like a lens that you can put on your camera to shoot closer.

Packaging and details

The Arcwave Voy comes in a white solid box with Arcwave on it. Around this is a sleeve with the image of the Arcwave Voy and on the back the most important points of the Voy

As soon as you open the storage box, you will immediately see the Arcwave Voy, with a small bottle of lubricant at the top right and the instructions for use below. There is also a short description on the inside of the box on how to best use the Voy.

As you can see in the picture, the Arcwave Voy fits well in your hand and when you have removed the protective caps you can see what it actually looks like. The cleartech silicone feels very smooth and as you can see in the last photo, you can see the ribbing on the inside. The ring that is just above the abs part is the rotary knob with which you can tighten the Arcwave Voy. If you do that, it will look like the image below, you can see that the opening becomes a bit narrower.

The test

I started by reading the manual, it actually speaks for itself how it works, because the Arcwave Voy is very easy to use. I remove the protective caps and put enough lubricant in the Voy (it is also neatly stated in the manual, so a plus, because I often hear that it is not reported, although it seems obvious to me to use lubricant).

The cleartech silicone is quite flexible and I expect that in the Arcwave Voy, most penises will fit. For me personally it already felt quite tight and because of this I immediately felt the structure on the inside very well, but that already felt very nice.

I have enough grip with the Arcwave Voy, it fits well in the hand and can easily move back and forth. The stimulation feels really nice and when I tighten the Arcwave Voy even more, the experience is even more intense and I quickly reach my climax.

What is also handy is that you can use both openings. And the Arcwave Voy has 8 intensities, so something for everyone!

Cleaning afterwards is actually fairly simple, it is most convenient to rinse the Arcwave Voy with running water, to clean the inside properly you can also use a toy cleaner and you can clean it with your fingers. Then let the Arcwave Voy dry on a bottom.

To be able to clean the Arcwave Voy completely, you can also remove the inside (the sleeve) and then clean it under running water with possibly some toy cleaner. Then you can also clean the outside well. Make sure that you let the Arcwave Voy dry thoroughly after each cleaning. The protective caps have ventilation holes so that you can let the product dry. The protective caps keep the Arcwave Voy clean and free of dust if you have it somewhere or take it with you.


What a great thing the Arcwave Voy is, easy to use, easy to clean and wonderful stimulation, so highly recommended!

Below a video how you can see how the Arcwave Voy works

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