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Review Drift from Lora diCarlo

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

I really liked that Lora DiCarlo gave me one of their three heating vibrators, the Drift. The Drift is described as a heating bullet vibrator, but it is a bit longer than a "normal" bullet vibrator, has a curved shape with a raised stimulation point and can warm up to body temperature.

My experience with the Drift is really great, but you can read that below.


Material: Silicone and ABS Plastic

rechargeable: Yes, via USB-kabel

Vibrations: 3 vibration paterns with 7 intensities

Waterproof: Yes

Retail price: € 99,-

You can buy the Drift from Lora DiCarlo here

My first impression

The Drift has a beautiful coral color, I love it, it is a bit different than pink or purple. What also immediately strikes me is the design of the Drift, very different from a standard bullet vibrator and I think I will enjoy it a lot.

Packaging and details

The Drift comes in a very nice sturdy packaging, it is like a present that you can unwrap. There is a sleeve around the box on which the front shows the Drift and the back shows the properties of the Drift. When you take the sleeve off, you open the box just like a book. On the left is a small box containing the charging cable, a storage bag and a warranty card, and you will also find the user manual on that side. The Drift is on the right side of the pack.

As you can see, the Drift is no bigger than the size of a pen.

The Drift has 3 different buttons; 1 button with waves, this is the button to turn on the heating function. 1 button with a circle, this is to switch on the vibration function and to zap through the intensities and 1 button with the initials of Lora DiCarlo, this is the on / off button.

You have to press the button to turn it on for a few seconds to turn it on, then the light will flash and you know that it is on. You can also see how much the Drift is still charged.

Due to the shape of the Drift, this is a toy that you can use both internally (G-spot stimulation) and externally (eg as clitoral stimulation). The increased stimulation point makes it easier to stimulate your G-spot.

The warming function is ideal because it stimulates your blood circulation and makes it easier to relax and you can reach an orgasm faster, the feeling becomes much more intense. The Drift can heat up to 40 degrees Celsius and that feels great.

What is also very handy, that if you have not activated the heating function or vibration function after you have switched on the Drift, the Drift will automatically switch off after 5 minutes. (saves you again in terms of battery). It also switches off automatically if you only have the heating function on and do not use the vibration function within 15 minutes. This is also very useful if you have turned it on to heat up and have forgotten it, so you do not have to worry about overheating and a possible fire that could start.

The test

I also use water-based lubricant when testing the Drift. You probably already know my talk about lube, but it's really important to use this, it just glides much better and it makes it even more enjoyable.

The Drift is really a very handy vibrator. I first used the Drift without the warming function. I turn on the Drift and notice that the vibration feels very good in the first position, quite a deep vibration, I first stimulate my clitoris and the increased stimulation point makes it feel really good. The vibrations are transmitted very well through this point. I zap through the different modes and it is a really powerful vibrator, I love it! In the higher positions, the vibration is very powerful, but the vibrations are less deep. The vibrations are also very well felt in the handle in the higher positions.

Of course I also want to know what the Drift is like as a G-spot stimulator, so I put it in and I almost immediately feel that I hit the right spot perfectly due to the increased stimulation point, wow what a great feeling, here I am not using the most powerful setting , because that is a bit too much and absolutely not necessary to achieve a great orgasm.

The Drift feels even more intense if you do use the heating function, as soon as I have it on and use the Drift I wonder why I tested it at all without the heating function ..... this feels really great! I already know that when I start using the Drift I will immediately turn on this function. The Drift really gave me a lot of pleasure.


I really love Lora DiCarlo's Drift, it's totally worth the money! The Drift is perfect as a first toy, but also for people who already have more experience with sex toys. It is super handy, so also easy to carry and I think the Drift is also useful as extra clitoral stimulation during sex. Because the Drift has a slightly longer handle, you can also reach it more easily than with a normal bullet vibrator. I really recommend the Drift!

You can buy the Lora DiCarlo here

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