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Review Osé2 van Lora DiCarlo

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

On the last day of May, masturbation month, I have for you the review of the Osé2 by Lora DiCarlo, the award winning robotic massager for hands-free blended orgasms.


Material: Silicone and ABS plastic

Rechargeable: yes, with USB kabel

Vibrations: 10 intensities

Waterproof: yes

Retail price : € 299,-

You can buy the Osé2 van Lora DiCarlo here at

My first impression

I had already seen the Osé2 a number of times on social media and I immediately thought, that is a toy that I also really want. Lora DiCarlo sent me the Osé2 to test it.

The first thing I noticed when opening the package is that the Osé2 is really big, especially the part in front for your clitoris. The part you have to insert is a bit narrower than the average thickness of a vibrator and it contains a moving ball that moves along your G-spot when the Osé2 is on. I am especially curious how this feels and whether it actually produces a blended orgasm in combination with the air pressure stimulation.

Package and details

The Osé2 by Lora DiCarlo comes in a large sturdy box with a beautiful sleeve on which the Osé2 is depicted, with a lot of information on the back. The box itself weighs nearly 1.5 kilos! Under the sleeve is the box itself, which also unfolds like a book, just like with the Drift. This box also has a nice yellow color on the inside.

In the packaging you will find the Osé2 a nice storage bag, the USB charging cable, the user manual and a warranty card.

The Osé2 is very flexible, you also have to completely “adjust” it to your own body by bending it into the right shape. So that the top part is exactly on your clitoris and the ball can go over your G-spot.

As I mentioned the Osé2 has a moving ball at the insertion part that moves over your G-spot, this should feel the same as a finger would.

They tried to replicate this feeling by using bio-mimicry, mimicking the human movements of the mouth, tongue and finger and translating this into micro-robotic movements related to measurements of pressure and frequency. These physical measurements were then optimized in software and programmed into the Osé2.

And the clitoral part works with air pressure technique, these two combined together should ensure a blended orgasm.

Charging the Osé2 works through the magnetic USB charging cable.

The Osé2 has 4 buttons, one with the Lora DiCarlo Logo on it, you use these to turn the Osé2 on and off. Then you have the left larger button, with which you can make the ball move faster or slower. You use the right larger button to turn the air pressure stimulation on/off and you can also determine the intensity, harder or softer. And you use the small button to make the ball make shorter movements or longer movements.

Below you can see a video of the Osé2 in motion

The test

It is always very useful to read the manual in advance and in the case of the Osé2 this is certainly not a luxury! And here I put it again in my review, always use enough lubricant when using a toy, this makes everything even smoother and it just glides much better.

You first start by bending the Osé2 so that it is in the correct position for your body, I spent quite a bit of time with it before I got the correct position, but once I found this one, wow, you read that bit further.

Make sure that the Osé2 is switched off when you go to see what is the best setting for you! Because it's no fun if you take it out while the ball is still going up and down, that really hurts. It is best that you bend the Osé2 first, insert it, turn it on to see if it hits the right spot and if not, turn it off before taking it out to adjust it better. As you read, it is quite hard to find out how the toy "fits" best and it is smart of Lora DiCarlo to make a toy that can be used by several people by adjusting, but to be honest it can take quite a long time before you get the right position and it can be very frustrating. Now I'm lucky that I'm fairly patient, but I have people around me who will put the toy aside faster and not use it because it's a bit more "difficult".

When I had the Osé2 in the right position and in the right speed, that feeling, really seriously WOW, the ball went exactly the right way over my G-spot, the combination with the air pressure stimulation this is really wonderful! Super intense and I can tell you that I really experienced a blended orgasm (an orgasm where your clitoris and G-spot are stimulated at the same time), really delicious! This time I didn't even bother myself about the sound the Osé2 makes, this sounds very mechanical, but I was so absorbed in the feeling that the Osé2 gave me to worry about the sound. Those orgasms that the Osé2 has given me are already countless….

I already mentioned it above, you can use the small button on the Osé2 to determine the distance that the ball travels to stimulate your G-spot, I really like the position where the ball has fairly short movements.

The air pressure stimulation of the Osé2 is also a really nice experience, as you may know if you read reviews of me more often, is that I am a real fan of air pressure stimulation, I also quickly found a favorite position with the Osé2, this was the third position, in my opinion this was not too hard and not too soft.

I didn't use the Osé2 hands-free, but that's purely because I didn't want Osé2's stand to shift if I wasn't holding it.

Cleaning the clitoral part of the Osé2 is also not very convenient, because I didn't want to bend the Osé2 too far apart again because I would lose the correct position, so you can't reach it very well. You cannot remove the tuutje and it is best to clean it with a cotton swab.


Lora DiCarlo's Osé2 is an impressive toy, once you get it in the right position the stimulation is really great. But you really have to be patient to travel the road to the right position. And the Osé2 is really a very expensive toy, so it creates a high expectation among many people. So I would definitely recommend him if you are a patient person otherwise I would skip it 😉

Do you want to buy the Osé2, you can do it here at

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