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Review Stronic Surf FunFactory

Last week I read an article on Facebook about silent sex toys, a number of toys were listed there, but actually the only one that is really silent on that list is the Stronic Surf from FunFactory. I have of course also mentioned that there and it is always funny to read that you then (often from men) get the comment, it's about what the toy is, after all, not about how much noise a toy makes…..

Of course, it is very important what a toy does, also one of the reasons that I started writing reviews, but for me the sound can make a difference. I live in the house with 3 children and I would find it annoying that if I am testing a toy, for example, they wake up from the loud noise 😉 and if a toy really makes a lot of noise, I get distracted by it and my experience differently. Anyway, this made me think, let me work out my review of the Stronic Surf, because I've had this one at home for a really long time, from Euphoria Erotiek, super nice because this has been on my wishlist for a really long time. And I have also used it very often, also in demonstration videos of other toys, but the review had not yet come. Until today then.


Material: ABS Plastic and Silicone

Length: 20,5 cm

Diameter: max. 4,8 cm

Waterproof: Yes

Rechargeable: Yes

Retail Price: € 160,00 you can buy the Stronic Surf here

My first Impression

The Stronic Surf lives up to its name with ribbing all over the toy. And I'm a really big fan of ribbing and with the Stronic Surf they are all around the toy so really great! Just like the Sundaze, the Stronic Surf is a pulsator, which means that the toy really goes up and down by means of a magnetic ball that is incorporated in the toy.

Therefore a warning, the Stronic Surf cannot be used for people with a pacemaker, because of the magnet.

The Stronic Surf feels nice in the hand and the buttons are the same as with the Sundaze.

Packaging and details

The Stronic Surf comes in a gold-coloured packaging with a sleeve around it on which the Stronic Surf is depicted. A simple but fine appearance of the packaging.

When you open the golden box, you first see the manual in a gold-coloured cover and underneath you will find the Stronic Surf with a protective net around the bottom and the charger, which is hidden on the side in the red part of the packaging. The nice thing about the FunFactory chargers is that they are red, very easy to find if you have your chargers together in a container without a label on it.

As you can see in the picture, the Stronic Surf fits well in the hand

What I just described is that the Stronic Surf is a pulsating toy, below is a short video on which you can see how it goes back and forth on its own. (ideal for hands-free masturbation)

The Stronic Surf can also be charged very easily, this works with a magnetic charger, which stays in place really well.

The test

As always, I start my test with lubricant, this time I used the Pjur Woman Nude, which itself is a very nice water-based lubricant.

I also went through the (concise) manual beforehand, since the Stronic Surf has 10 different modes, but it is also useful to know how it works with steady pulsating modes. Also good to know that when the Stronic Surf enters it is in a travel lock, you can unlock it by pressing the + and FUN button simultaneously for 0.5 seconds.

When the Stronic Surf is unlocked and you hold the FUN button for 0.5 seconds, it will start to pulse in patterns. With the - button you have algorithmic modes such as dirty dancing, gallop and rattle and with the + button you have constate patterns such as samba, rumble, quicky and dynamic patterns such as roller ball, vienna waltz and rumba.

If you don't feel like patterns, you have to hold the FUN button for another 0.5 seconds and you have a steady position.

The buttons of the Stronic Surf are very tangible and you can easily switch between the different functions. As soon as you switch, you will also hear a small beep.

I am normally never a fan of the patterns, but with the Stronic Surf I am a fan of the Roller Ball, the Rumba and the Gallop, this is due to the combination of the pulsing (i.e. bumping) and the ridges of the Stronic Surf, that just feels really very nice, really a kind of internal massage and because the Stronic Surf also hits my G-spot every time I have had many spectacular orgasms with it.

Now I know that I can easily find my G-spot and I don't necessarily need clitoral stimulation to orgasm, but for people who do need it you could use the Stronic Surf in combination with a toy for your clitoris . Or possibly together with a partner, that they stimulate your clitoris, of course there are many options possible 🙂

The nice thing about the Stronic Surf is that it can be used hands-free because it makes the thrusting movements itself, making it easiest if you use the Stronic Surf while you are lying down, or possibly as a doggy style. Standing will not work because then the Stronic Surf will simply fall out due to the weight of the toy.

I already mentioned it above, but the Stronic Surf is really very quiet in use, I think that's a plus.


I really recommend the Stronic Surf, quiet, easy to use, nice stimulation, highly recommended!

You can buy the Stronic Surf here


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