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Royal Edition Diamond Bunny from Christine le Duc

Christine le Duc gave me a number of toys to test and the Royal Edition Diamond Bunny is the first to write my review on.

Christine le Duc has released a Royal line of their own brand, including the Diamond Bunny Heating. These are four toys that all have the same appearance in terms of color and looks, I think it is a very nice color and gives a more chic look.


Material: Silicone

Length: 20 cm

Width: 3.5 cm

Weight: 152 grams

Rechargeable: yes, by means of a USB cable

Vibrations: 7 different positions

Waterproof: yes

Retail price: € 79.99

You can buy the Royal Edition Diamond Bunny from Christine le Duc here

My first impression

The Diamond Bunny has a beautiful dark blue color and the diamond-shaped pattern at the bottom with the transparent piece gives the Diamond Bunny a beautiful appearance. The Diamond Bunny feels very pleasant because it is made of silicone, which makes it easier to clean.

Packaging and details

The Diamond Bunny has a nice dark blue packaging (the casing), on which the image of the Diamond Bunny is printed. On the side is the text you are my queen and on the back is a short description of the functions of the Diamond Bunny. When you slide the cover off, a white box will appear in which the Diamond Bunny is packed.

At the bottom of the package you will find the charging cable and a general manual.

You charge the toy by pushing the pin of the USB cable through the silicone in the right place, this is a small circle at the bottom of the toy.

The Diamond Bunny has 2 buttons, the top button is to activate the heating function and the bottom button is to activate the vibration settings. The Diamond Bunny has 7 different vibration patterns and the nice thing is that each vibration pattern has a different color.

The clitoral stimulation part is very flexible and therefore easier to adjust to the right position for you.

The test

At first I turned on the heating function because I wanted to experience how that feels and how far the toy is heated. It takes about 2/3 minutes for the toy to heat up. I immediately feel that it is really only the large head that feels heated. This feels very pleasant, but the part below it could have been heated as well. You can also easily turn off the heating function by pressing the same button.

You turn on the vibration function by pressing the bottom button a little longer.

As I just mentioned, the Diamond Bunny has a different color with each vibration pattern, I find this really handy, so you can remember exactly when you are with your favorite pattern. The vibrations are very good and come through well in the head of the long part of the vibrator, this is also a bit more flexible at the "neck" and you can therefore bend in a position that feels comfortable for you.

I also really like that the shorter part is also very flexible. This allows me to determine the position for the clitoral stimulation exactly so that I have the desired stimulation. I was able to have an orgasm very easily with the Diamond Bunny because I quickly found the best pattern and the correct position of the clitoral stimulator.


I think it is a very pleasant toy to use, this is also great to use as a beginner. I really like the different colors, you never have to "search" again which vibration mode was the best, you now only have to remember the color and can therefore continue to the correct mode. The heated part could have been a bit more extensive, but all in all a very nice vibrator.

You can buy the Diamond Bunny here

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