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Review Glorious

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

It's time for another review, this time my review is about Christine le Duc's Glorious a 2-in-1 toy. How did I experience the Glorious? You can read it below!


Material: Silicone and ABS Plastic

Rechargeable: Yes, via USB-kabel

Vibrations: 10 airpressure intensities and 10 vibration positions

Waterproof: ja

Retail price: € 49,99

You can buy the Glorious here at Christine le Duc

My first impression

I always like to get something new in to test. Now I got the Glorious from Christine le Duc, a toy that works with air pressure stimulation and G-spot stimulation. Two things that I always find very pleasant, so very curious if this is as pleasant as I think.

Package and details

Well and then you get a toy, which has just been put on the market by Christine le Duc and it is in a semi-transparent bag. I think packaging does a lot, it's the first impression you have. I think the packaging of the Glorious is a pity, because it makes it look "cheaper". I did check and if you buy the Glorious in the store you will receive it in a luxury gift bag.

In the package you will find the Glorious itself, a USB charging cable and a compact user manual.

Charging the Glorious is done by pushing the pin of the USB cable through the silicone at the appropriate place, namely at the end of the air pressure part, as you can see in the photo above.

The Glorious is not super big, has a fairly large opening for air pressure stimulation, which is always nice.

The Glorius has 2 buttons to operate it, with the circle you turn on the air pressure stimulation and with the same button you can zap through the different positions. With the button with the wave you can turn on the vibrations of the rod part, here too you use the same button to zap through the different vibration modes.

The test

Those who read reviews of me more often will think there she's coming back with her lube talk, but really folks, always use water-based lube when using a toy. The lubricant simply makes it glide better and you experience the vibrations and pulsations even better.

The Glorious is very flexible and you can easily hold it in the right position for you. I first inserted the rod part without turning on the vibrations, I think the ridges on the rod already feel very nice.

As soon as I have placed the clitoral part correctly, I turn on both functions, so both the vibrations and the air pressure stimulation. This does feel really good! The first air pressure setting is not that intense yet, so I quickly move it to a more intense setting, which starts for me from about 4/5. The vibrations can already be felt at position 1, the Glorious has 3 steady positions and 7 patterns.

I really like the steady positions more and this is also the case with the Glorious. I find the combination of position 1 on my G-spot and position 4 or 5 of the air pressure a heavenly experience. With this I can get a blended orgasm again, because both my favorite places are stimulated at the same time, love it!

What I like about the Glorious is that you can operate both stimulations separately. This allows you to decide whether you want to turn on both or one of the two.

What is also nice is that the opening on your clitoris is also somewhat larger and fairly deep, so it will fit for different sizes of clitoris and because it is a bit deeper, you have less chance of accidents with your clitoris.


I think it's a wonderful toy that has brought me to a blended orgasm. I think it's a toy that you really want to have, especially if you also like double stimulations. For this price you have a great toy that can bring you to wonderful orgasms. And we forget that the packaging is not quite as expected ;-)

You can buy the Glorious here at Christine le Duc

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