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Review Womanizer Next

Updated: Mar 20

Yes, there it is, the first review of 2024! And then immediately one of a new product from Womanizer. My contact person at Womanizer sent me the Womanizer Next and asked if I wanted to test and review it. And as most people know, I am a real fan of Womanizer so of course I really wanted to test it. Below you can read what I think about it.


Material: Silicone

Length:11 cm

Diameter: 5,4 cm

Waterproof: Yes Rechargeable: Yes

Retailprice: € 209,00 you can buy the Womanizer Next here

My first impression

The first thing I notice is that the Womanizer Next feels a bit larger than, for example, theWomanizer Premium, I have of course also compared this, you can see that later in the review. Furthermore, I think it is a very beautiful mint green color, a nice color that is not yet widely used in sex toys.

Packaging and details

Womanizer's packaging is actually always excellent, beautifully in the colors of the toy itself and a sturdy box in which the toy is packaged. The Womanizer Next also has a real-time image on the front and the back briefly describes what the Womanizer Next can do. There are two things that immediately struck me, namely that it is 3D air pleasure and that it is noiseless, which I am very curious about.

If you slide open the packaging you will see the Womanizer Next and on the side is a box with all the accessories.

In the packaging you will find the Womanizer Next, a short manual, the USB charging cable, an extra tute that has a different size, the card with the text I Masturbate and a storage bag to store the Womanizer Next.

In the image above you can see that the Womanizer Next has 4 buttons at the top, the plus and minus button, the button with waves (climax control button) and the on/off button.

You use the plus button to increase the intensity and the minus button has 2 functions, you can decrease the intensity, but if you press the minus button for 1 second, it switches to the afterglow function.

As you can see, the Womanizer Next also has a button on the bottom, this is the autopilot mode, with this button you, as it were, give up control over the intensity of the air pressure.

There are three autopilot modes. The first position varies between positions 1 and 6, the second position varies between positions 6 and 11 and the third position varies between positions 9 and 14. The intensity is therefore slowly built up and sometimes it goes a bit softer. The build-up reaches its peak in about five to eight minutes.

You can clearly see when the autopilot function is activated and in what mode. To activate this, press the autopilot button for two seconds. When it is in position 1, you will see 1 light flashing quietly, for position 2 2 lights flash and in position 3 of course 3 lights. By pressing again for two seconds, it turns off. When you turn it on and off, you will also feel a very slight vibration for a moment, so you know that it was successful.

As I already indicated above in the intro piece, I suspected that the Womanizer Next is somewhat larger than the Womanizer Premium, this is actually the case, as you can see in the photos.

I have placed them side by side to highlight the other differences.

The Womanizer Next has the autopilot function at the bottom, while the Womanizer Premium has it at the top.

And the biggest difference is of course the climax control, a new feature of Womanizer. This is a function where the depth of the air pressure can also be adjusted. This is the 3D effect of air pressure that is being talked about. Climax control also has three different levels.

The test

As you are used to by now, I always start with the lubricant talk, use a water-based lubricant that is good for your toy and with lubricant it often just gets even better.

The first thing I notice is that the buttons of the Womanizer Next are a bit stiffer than those of the Womanizer Premium, you have to press them a little harder. I also noticed that the spout that was on it was a bit higher and it therefore took a little longer for me to feel the air pressure. I then exchanged it for the other size that was in the package and it was perfect!

In the introduction I talked about the noiseless part, the Womanizer Next indeed makes much less noise than the other Womanizers, it is almost silent. Even on the loudest setting you can only hear the buzzing of the vibrations minimally, this is a really big plus! Really a point of improvement that they have done something with, great.

I of course tried out the climax control function, because this is of course an extra function that one of my favorite Womanizers did not have yet.

This allows you to adjust the intensity (the depth of it, I have no idea how to describe that feeling) even better to your own needs. I personally like harder air pressure vibrations and you can of course achieve that by setting it to a higher setting with the plus sign, but with the climax control you can further enhance this feeling.

I can't put the feeling into words very well, I can only say that I think this is a very nice addition.

I have of course also tested the auto-pilot function, but personally that is not for me, I prefer to have control over my toy and how hard/soft I want the air pressure vibrations to be.

The Womanizer Next also has the afterglow function, which you activate by holding the minus button for 2 seconds. If you have reached your climax and you do not want the full stimulation on your clitoris, you can press this and it will go to the lowest setting. back.


I am really a fan of various Womanizer toys and I think it says enough that the Womanizer Next has been given a place by my bed as standard :-)

The Womanizer Premium was already a winner and the new functions of the Womanizer Next are really a super fun and nice addition!

You can buy the Womanizer Next here 

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