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Review We-Vibe Sync O

My contact person at We-Vibe sent me the We-Vibe Sync O and asked if I wanted to test and review it. Of course I wanted that! Below you can read what I think about it. I must admit that I tested the Sync O solo, so not with a partner.


Material: Silicone

Length: 8 cm

Diameter: 4,4 cm

Waterproof: yes Rechargeable: yes

Retail price: € 135,00 (now for the Black-Friday week) you can buy the We-Vibe Sync O here

My first impression

At first glance, the We-Vibe Sync O looks a bit like most "couple toys" with a kind of U-shape, but a clear difference is immediately visible because the bottom has an O-shape and is therefore partly open, instead of being closed with another motor in it, which is normally the case.

Packaging and details

We-Vibe's packaging is always excellent, nice color combination and a sturdy box in which the toy is packaged. The Sync O also has a real-time image on the front and on the back it is briefly described what the Sync O can do and that you can also use it with the We-Vibe app (which is highly recommended because it allows you to use even more different vibration patterns and strengths)

On the inside you will find a short introduction of the We-Vibe app.

In the packaging you will find the Sync O, a short manual, the USB charging cable, the remote control and a storage bag to store the Sync O.

Charging the Sync O is done using a magnetic USB charger, this magnetic cable is powerful enough to charge your Sync O easily.

In the image above you can see that the Sync O itself only has 1 button, which you can use to turn on the Sync O.

Furthermore, the Sync O has a remote control that you can use with five different buttons. With the plus and minus buttons you can increase or decrease the vibrations of the Sync O. You can use the arrows to cycle through the different vibration patterns and the button with the wave allows you to also turn the Sync O on/off.

The test

As always I start with the lube talk, use a water based lube that is good for your toy and with lube it often just gets even better.

I know that the Sync O is mainly aimed at use with a partner, but I believe that the Sync O can also be used solo.

The bottom part is very flexible (the O shape), you can bend it together so that it is easy to insert.

It is also great that the Sync is also easy to bend. This way you can bend it exactly so that it best shapes to your body and so that the Sync O fits well both internally and on the clitoris. The Sync O only has 1 motor, but these vibrations are powerful and deep and you can easily zap through them with the remote control. And even though there is only 1 motor in it, the vibrations still come through the O-ring slightly, so you feel them a little internally.

Another big advantage of the Sync O is that it is relatively quiet compared to other toys, even if you have the Sync O on the highest vibration setting.

Due to the shape of the Sync O, it also stays in place very well, this is very handy and I think if you use this with a partner, this will certainly be a big plus. The Sync O is not very large and thick, so it can easily accommodate a penis. Then you have completely double the stimulation.

In my case I only had clitoris stimulation, but I have mentioned it before, this is really great with We-Vibe toys!

You can easily connect the Sync O to the We-Vibe app and while previously the connection was sometimes interrupted, I have (fortunately) not experienced this so far.

The nice thing about the app is that you can create your own vibration patterns and save them for next time.

You can also hand over control by giving control in the app to the person you specified (partner). You can then send an invitation link and once it has been accepted, it will become visible in your We-Vibe Center, then you can Press your partner icon to connect via video calling, audio or chat.


I'm really a fan of We-Vibe toys, the vibrations are really powerful, deep. And I also think the fact that the Sync O is not very loud is a huge advantage, as you can then use it undisturbed.

The Sync O is therefore easy to use solo, but if I test this with someone else I will add this to this review :-)

You can buy the We-Vibe Sync O here 

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