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Review Aria

Yes Easytoys has done it, they now also have their own app: Easyconnect and that of course includes toys that can be operated via the app. Today the first review about this, namely the Aria, a vibrating egg.


Material: Silicone


Length: 18 cm (including the antenna)

Diameter:3,5 cm

Waterproof: yes

Retail price: € 69,99, you can buy Aria here

My first impression

The egg has a slightly different shape than the standard vibrating eggs and I see some circles on the bottom, I am very curious about that feeling when you have the egg in.

Packaging and details

The packaging is very pink, but that is of course also the style of Easytoys itself. The packaging looks great, contains enough information and when you open it, it looks a bit like the packaging of the Satisfyer products, with a viewing window where you can already see your toy.

The packaging also has a hygiene seal that you can peel off (which I said, just like with the Satisfyer packaging).

In the packaging you will find the toy, Aria, a short manual and the charging cable.

In the image you can see where you can charge the Aria, this works very easily with the magnetic charger, you click it against it and it stays in place.

In the image above you can see where you can turn the Aria on, this is done with the on/off button at the end of the toy. You must hold this down for a few seconds to release it from the travel lock.

As you can see, you can use the Aria in different ways, you can bend it very easily and you can also see the circles on the toy I was just talking about.

The test

As you may know if you often read my blogs, I have never been a big fan of vibrating eggs, precisely because they often make quite a noise once you have inserted them, while it is nice to secretly put this somewhere. can wear. Then you don't want people to think, huh, what am I hearing now.... So I'm very curious to see how the Aria comes out of the test.

Before I start, I turn on the EasyConnect app and connect the Aria to the app, this is really easy, you turn on the Aria and then click next, it is then immediately connected.

In the EasyConnect app you have a number of dots at the bottom of the standard patterns to choose from, for example wave, fast, ride, etc.

You can then also choose from Free Touch, which means that you can make your own pattern, which is also very fun to try out.

You can also choose from Long Range Play, so you can give someone else control over the app, that person can then determine which vibration patterns this person wants to use for you, which is of course exciting, because you don't know what is going on. come.

And finally, you also have the option to record your highlights, which allows you to save your favorite sessions and relive them later.

In the video below you can see what you can do with the app.

Then it's time to get started yourself. Before you insert the Aria, make sure you have enough lubricant. I use the Pjur Nude Woman, a water-based lubricant.

The first thing I notice is that Aria is really quite quiet, even if I turn up the vibration patterns, this is still not audible when you have Aria on. This is already a big plus for me.

Furthermore, I think those circles are an addition to the toy, because I think that the vibrations are more noticeable and if you position the egg correctly it can even provide G-spot stimulation, which I think is a plus!

Normally I like the steady settings with a "normal" vibrator, but I really like the patterns with the Aria. And certainly with the app you can try out many different patterns and of course make them yourself. Of the patterns in the app, I really like Beat, Shock and Wave. Normally I always say that the vibrating eggs are fun as a warm-up, and that is now also the case, but with the Aria I experienced a climax for the first time, which has never been possible with other eggs. This is also because I could bend the egg against my G-spot and then the combination of the Beat pattern, great!

I tested the Aria alone, so I don't know what it's like when you give someone else control of your toy, but if I try this in the future, I will write an additional piece here.


I definitely think Aria is a nice toy that is pleasant to use, nice and powerful vibrations. I wasn't a fan of vibrating eggs because of my previous experience with them, but I would definitely use Aria more often.

I will post another video below where you can hear the sound when I have it in my hand.

You can buy Aria here

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