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Review Lusty Love Egg, black edition

Today's review is of the Lusty Love Egg, black edition, by Christine le Duc.


Material: Silicone and ABS Plastic

Rechargeable: Yes, the Lusty Love Egg does, the remote control requires 2 AAA batteries.

Vibrations: 8 different positions

Waterproof: Yes

Retail price: € 49,99, you can buy the Lusty Love Egg here at the site of Christine le Duc

My first impression

The Lusty Love Egg is shaped like a swan, I think it looks kind of cute. The Lusty Love Egg is also made of silicone, which I really like, because it is a body safe product. I am very curious to try it out.

Packaging and details

The Lusty Love Egg comes in a simple package, which looks nice because of the black color and the image of the Lusty Love Egg on it. If you open it at the top you can take out the contents of the package, the Lusty Love Egg, the remote control and the USB charging cable.

As I already mentioned, the Lusty Love Egg has the look of a swan. I wonder if it has a separate function. It is a handy format and feels very smooth.

The Lusty Love Egg only has 1 button to turn it on / off. Then you don't feel any vibrations yet, you really have to control this with the remote control. Before you can use the remote control, you will first have to insert 2 AAA batteries. These are not included.

You charge the Lusty Love Egg by pushing the pin of the USB cable through the silicone in the right place. This is slightly below the on / off button.

The test

As always, I provide enough lubricant (water-based, because silicone affects your toy). I have already turned on the on / off button and insert the Lusty Love Egg. I first dry my hands before grabbing the remote control and turning on the vibrations of Lusty Love Egg.

I immediately notice that the first "position" already has good powerful vibrations, but also that it makes quite a bit of noise, even though it is inserted, I think this is a shame, because then you wouldn't wear it secretly while you are shopping or something, because then you really hear the sound.

What I do notice is that the vibrations work through the "swan neck" this feels very nice and by turning it like this you can put the point on your clitoris and you still have double stimulation, this is definitely a plus! As always I "zap" through the different vibration functions and notice that with the Lusty Love Egg I like to alternate, instead of the steady positions that I normally use. The variation in vibrations is fine, it gives powerful deep vibrations, alternating with less deep vibrations. Due to the double stimulation, I get an orgasm.

The Lusty Love Egg is also a good toy to train your pelvic floor muscles, so you can of course just use it without turning on the vibrations. I have noticed that my pelvic floor muscles are well trained, so this is a piece of cake for me ;-)


I like the Lusty Love Egg, very nice to use, nice and powerful vibrations and in combination with the clitoral stimulation, top. I just really regret the sound the Lusty Love Egg produces, it's fine for the bedroom, but not for public.

Below I will place another video where you can hear the sound when I have it in my hand.

You can buy the Lusty Love Egg here

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