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Review Naughty & Nice Avent Calendar 2023

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

And then it's mid-September and there's already my review of the 2023 Naughty & Nice advent calendar!

I always find the Naughty & Nice calendar super fun to unbox and of course I have already done that for this review. So if you don't want to know what's in it yet and want to keep this as a surprise, then I wouldn't read any further..... ;-)


Retail price: € 119,99, you can buy the Naugthy & Nice Calendar here

My first impression

Like every year, the Naughty & Nice calendar has a different color, this year we decided to launch a pink calendar. A nice fresh look! All toys from the Naughty and Nice calendar are also pink this year. And because I have already peeked, I know that this year we have again ensured that there is a good mix of toys and other accessories.

Packaging and details

As I described above, this year the calendar is pink and when you open it you see the 24 different boxes inside. I think the colors pink and silver look great together.

Each box has a description on the back of what is in that box. If you really want to keep it a surprise, don't read hahah.

Each box contains something different that you would expect from an Advent calendar and each box (where necessary) contains a brief manual on how to use the product. So super handy! And with every box containing a toy, this toy is packed in a plastic bag for hygiene reasons.

The test

I have unboxed the Naughty and Nice calendar, but I have not really tested all the toys, because it also contains products for which I do not have the correct gender ;-) but of course also because it would otherwise take a very long time before I could put the review online and finally, I want to give you as readers/followers the opportunity to respond to which product you think would be interesting to try yourself and then I can make a random picking tool to whom I can send this (if several interested parties) And then Of course it is not fresh if they have already been used :-)

I think that this year a good mix has been made again between products such as lubricant, toy cleaner and the toys. This year they have done even more to ensure that the Naughty & Nice advent calendar can actually be used by every person of any gender. can also be used, really cool!

I would like to highlight a number of products in my review that I really think are great that can be found in the Naughty & Nice advent calendar, namely the following:

-The male stroker; This is a sleeve that you can use with some lubricant to put around your penis and masturbate with, the inside has all kinds of dots for extra stimulation. And if you clean it properly after use, it can be used more often. It looks like it is very stretchy and can therefore be used for different penis sizes.

-Tapping toy, this is another toy that probably not many people are familiar with, but I think this is a toy that is very pleasant, the ball pulsates against (in my case the clitoris) and this gives a completely different feeling as, for example, an air pressure toy. I have already tested a tapping toy, so I know what the effect is like (if you are curious about that review, you can read it here)

- The miniwand massager, super nice that there is also a small wandmassager in the Naugthy & Nice Advent calendar, especially if you have never used a wand massager before, this is a great opportunity to try out what you think of it.

- Adjustable cock ring (unfortunately this is not in the photo, I only found out after everything was back in the boxes) also very handy and something I have not seen before, you can make it as tight or loose as you like feels, it is also made of silicone.

- Nipple suckers, this year there are no nipple clamps but nipple suckers, original and fun for a change!

Of course, this year there will be handcuffs and a blindfold and many other fun things. Below I have a photo of all the products included this year (only the cock ring is missing, sorry)


I think the Naugthy & Nice calendar is highly recommended to buy, especially if you are a beginner in sex toys, because then you have a lot of choice for a relatively low price. The original value of the products together is €599.

And if you like Advent calendars, it is certainly nice to be able to open a box every day.

If you already have some more toys but you like to experiment, then I would also buy this calendar, because there are plenty of things in it that were not included in the Advent calendar in previous years.

In short, I would just do it! And be quick, because they often sell out quickly.

You can buy the Naugthy & Nice Calendar here

And for those who want to see the unboxing videos, they are below and will also be available soon on my TikTok account (hence 2 parts)

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