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Review Womanizer OG

About a month ago I got a message from Womanizer asking if I would like to test their latest product, the Womanizer OG, an air pressure vibrator, but one for your G-spot! And since I really like G-spot stimulation, I immediately said yes. I was immediately super curious how that would feel. And as you may know, the various toys from Womanizer are really in my top 5, would this one also be added? Then quickly read on...


Material: Silicone

Settings: 3 vibration positions and 12 airpressure positions

Waterproof: Yes

Rechargeable:Yes, via USB

Retail price: € 199,00 You can buy the Womanizer OG here

My first impression

The shape of the Womanizer OG is really a shape of a G-spot vibrator, the only difference is that the OG has a spout at the end, which is incorporated into the toy. The opening of this looks quite large and it has a small raised edge, I will tell you more about this later during the test part.

Packaging and details

The packaging of Womanizer always looks good, a sturdy box and the color combination gives it a luxurious look. The image of the Womanizer OG is on it and on the back you will find some brief information about the Womanizer OG.

You will of course find the Womanizer OG in the packaging, and there is also a manual, the charger and a storage bag.

As you can see in the picture, the Womanizer OG fits perfectly in the hand.

The test

As always, I start my test with lubricant, this time I used the Pjur Woman Nude, I find that a very pleasant lubricant that is water-based.

And then the testing can start, you would think at least.... I find the buttons of the Womanizer OG rather stiff, I have to press them very hard and I can tell you, that doesn't feel very nice if you have already used the toy. have entered. The power button is very small and is not in the most convenient place. The button for the vibrations is also small and just as stiff to press as the power button. And then it is really a pity that you cannot turn off the vibrations, you can only switch between the 3 vibration modes.

I certainly like vibrations against my G-spot, but I was so curious how the air pressure stimulation would feel only against the G-spot.

I then took the instructions and it says that it is best to use the Womanizer OG on your clitoris first. So we'll start with that. Let me get straight to the point, I did not feel this air pressure stimulation from the OG very well, it cannot be compared at all with the Womanizer Premium or the Womanizer Duo, because those are really 2 of my favorites.

So I first warmed up with the Womanizer Premium. Then inserted the Womanizer OG again.

I always know very easily where to find my G-spot and this is no different. The air pressure stimulation on my G-spot feels very special, not bad.

I really think it's a shame that the vibrations can't be turned off, because then you have the experience even better, now it also feels good, but you don't know whether it's the air pressure stimulation, the vibration or both. Because I was warmed up beforehand, it didn't take long before I had an orgasm, which was a bit less intense than with the Duo, because there you naturally have double stimulation.

Another disadvantage of the Womanizer OG is the spout, if you have reached your orgasm and want to enjoy the afterglow, you must first clean the OG, because the released moisture remains in the spout, so to speak.... and believe me , you don't want to leave that until later.


I actually had very high expectations of the Womanizer OG, because it is a new toy that has not been introduced to the market before, G-spot stimulation with air pressure, how cool, but as they often say, expectation creates disappointment. And now it's really not that I don't like the Womanizer OG at all, because it's a nice experience, but if I have to choose, I'll go for the trusted Womanizer Duo, which also hits my G-spot (admittedly without air pressure stimulation on my G-spot) but that combination is golden.

You can buy the Womanizer OG here

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