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Finally the review of the Satisfyer Curvy 1+

It took a while before I had this review online, because I wanted to test everything real good, especially with the Satisfyer app, but here it is.

This was also a toy I got from Christine le Duc to test and write a review about it. I love air pulse stimulators, so was very excited if I would like this one also. Well let me tell you up front, it's really good!


Material: Sillicone and ABS plastic

Recharge: Yes, with the USB cable

Vibrations: 11 air pulse and 10 vibrations but with the app a lot more possibilities

Waterproof: Yes

Price: € 49,99 you can buy it here at Christine le Duc

My first impression

The Satisfyer Curvy 1+ has a really nice color and the shape looks a little like a banana.

The opening is quite big, I think the reason is that the Curvy 1+ also has a vibration function. Inside the opening you see a little pattern, I don't know why, because I could not find the reason what the function was or if it was an addition or something, when I was testing the Curvy 1+. What I liked about the opening is that is quite deep, so it won't get in a vaccum on your clitoris. It is only a little more difficult with cleaning of the toy.

Packaging and details

The packaging of the Satisfyer toys (the latest edition) all have these nice colors, with the characteristic pink and blue colors. What I like about this packaging is as soon as you open it, you can see the toy already by the transparent window. The packaging has also this hygienic strip, so you know the toy is never been used before.

Underneath the Satisfyer Curvy 1+ you will find the USB charging cable and the user manual, which you can find in a little plastic wrapping.

The Satisfyer Curvy 1+ has 3 buttons, the on/off button in the middle, with this button you can also speed up the air pulsation. A button to lower the air pulsation and a button for the vibrations.

The test

I first tested the Satisfyer Curvy 1+ without using the app.

What I already mentioned about the buttons, they are not that easy to feel, so if you hold him it's a little difficult to directly put on the right button for the first time. You need to put on the vibration function seperatly and this function has 10 different positions (without the use from the app) But when I got it all working, wow this feeling is amazing!

Like I already said, I love air pulsation stimulators, these score really good in general, but never had one which was combined with vibrationos, I really think this is a top combination with the Satisfyer Curvy 1+! Really nice and deep air pulsation stimulation and combined with the vibration had me cumming very fast.

So this part of the test was a real success.

The test with the Satisfyer app

The app is called Satisfyer connect (you can download it in the Google Play store and the Apple store) The connection between the app and the Satisfyer Curvy 1+ was very simple to do. The app is easy in use and has a logical build up. When I was testing I haven't had one time a connection loss so that was super. What I also liked about the app is that you can see how many percent your Satisfyer Curvy 1+ has left.

The thing I loved about the app is that you can also use patterns for the air pulse stimulation, so not only for the vibration function. A real good job from Satisfyer, bonus points from my side!

It's real nice to change the patterns of the air pulse stimulation, every time you get a little surprise effect, just like the feeling when you use an air pulsation stimulator for the very first time and you don't know what to expect, that real WOW-effect.

Also good to know is that you can use the patterns of the air pulse stimulation and the patterns of the vibrations separately from each other, so you can choose which pattern is the nicest for you. Normally I don't use different vibration patterns but with the Curvy 1+ it feels really good, these combinations of the air pulse stimulation and the vibrations. You can do this yourself with the live control function.

In the connect app there are also patterns from other people, but I didn't use those. What I did was using the function where you can let the Satisfyer Curvy 1+ react on the music on your phone. You get the patterns from the beat of the music. It was fun to do, but I prefer to make the patterns myself.

There is also a possibility to connect the Satisfyer app with your partner (or someone else if you want to) This function I didn't test, because I don't have a partner and wouldn't ask my friends to control my toy ;-) So I don't know if and how this function works.


Would I recommend the Satisfyer Curvy 1+? Definitely! It's a great sextoy for an affordable price. The air pulsation of this toy is really good. And the combination of the air pulsation and the vibrations, love it. The connect app is brilliant, works perfect and you can save your favorite patterns so you can use it directly the next time you use the Curvy 1+

You can buy the Satisfyer Curvy 1+ here

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