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Review Oral Air-Pulse lover

A while ago I received 3 toys from PureVibe to test, today my first review about the Oral Air-Pulse lover.


Material: Siliconen and ABS

Waterproof: Splash waterproof

Rechargeable: Yes via USB kabel

Positions: 7

Retail price: € 34,99 You can buy the Oral Air-Pulse lover here

My first impression

II totally get an eighties vibe from the colors of the box, the Oral Air-Pulse lover is smaller than I expected, but fits well in the hand

Packaging and details

As I mentioned above, I think the look is really an 80s look of the box because of the colors. Very nice!

In the packaging you will of course find the Oral Air-Pulse lover, some rose petals, a storage bag, the USB charging cable and the manual.

The charging of the Oral Air-Pulse lover is done on the side of the toy, you can push the pin through the material in the intended place.

The Oral Air-Pulse lover has 3 different buttons, the middle button is the Power button, with which you turn the Oral Air-Pulse lover on/off. You use the plus button to accelerate the air pressure intensity and the speed of the tongue and the minus button you use to decrease the air pressure intensity and the speed of the tongue

As you can see, the Oral Air-Pulse lover is small in size. In the middle picture you see the tongue and the right picture is the air pressure side.

The test

With this toy I definitely recommend using lubricant (water based) especially if you use the side with the tongue because it feels even better.

When I turn on the Oral Air-Pulse lover I immediately notice that both sides are on, so both the air pressure part and the tongue, I have not read the manual so I first try to see if I can turn off one of the two functions set, this does not work. Also checked in the manual later, but that is not possible. That's a pity, but not mega disturbing either.

First of all I'm going to try the tongue side because that's something I've never tested before, on the lowest setting it goes up and down quite nicely and I like direct stimulation so I like the feel of it but I think that if you have a sensitive clitoris it can feel very sharp. I like this side and if I turn it up a bit, I still do. I do notice that if I'm 3 positions further that it doesn't feel comfortable anymore, but hey, then I just know that I shouldn't go any further :-)

Then the air pressure part, the Oral Air-Pulse lover is of course a small size toy, so I don't have super high expectations of the air pressure, because it is often the case that due to the smaller size the pulsations are less intense / hard. Unfortunately I also find that with the Oral Air-Pulse lover, I personally like hard air pressure pulsations and when I have the Oral Air-Pulse lover on the hardest setting and I press it very well against my clitoris I feel them but not to the extent that I would like to feel it. In that respect, I'm also way too spoiled by all the other air pressure toys I've tested and I have the Womanizer, but almost no other toy can compete with this. And it's not fair to compare it to that either.

The Oral Air-Pulse lover is a very handy size to take with you on holiday, for example, but you cannot use it secretly, because it makes quite a bit of noise, but that is actually almost all air pressure toys.


I like to use the Oral Air-Pulse lover on the side with the tongue. If you don't like loud air pressure pulsations then the Oral Air-Pulse lover is recommended, but if you have a sensitive clitoris then I wouldn't use the tongue side. In short, it is a versatile toy, but it is personal whether you like it or not. But for the price you can't beat it and it's always worth a try.

You can buy the Oral Air-Pulse lover here

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