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Review Lea

Beate Uhse gave me a whole collection of new toys. It is the Lieberté collection, this collection has as its mission freedom for love! This text can be found on the side of the packaging:

We are on a mission. We want freedom for love! We want to create a world where you are not only free to be who you are, but where you are also free to express your sexuality in your own way. You are unique, incredible and always good enough. You deserve to love and be loved in return, however you want.

Lieberté is an ode to all women. We are here to spread love and empower each other, to celebrate our differences and to be who we are, free from judgement. It is time to enjoy pleasure and enjoy our bodies, unapologetically.

A very beautiful text, only this contains an ode to women, I see it more as an ode to everyone, because every gender should be able to feel free for love!

After this small introduction to the new collection, today we will start with the review of the Lea, a lay-on vibrator.


Material: Silicone and ABS

Length: 7 cm

Width: 5 cm

Waterproof: yes

Rechargeable: Yes via USB cable

Modes: 10, including 3 steady and 7 patterns

Sale price: € 39.99 you can buy the Lea here

My first impression

What a beautiful color combination, that black with the red metallic edge. A nice little lay-on vibrator in a kind of egg shape.

The packaging and details

The style of the packaging of the Lieberté collection is red with black, which you also see here with the Lea, it is a red sleeve around a sturdy cardboard packaging. The image of the Lea on the front is the actual size and on the back you can read some nice details.

If you remove the casing, you will find the black storage box on which the Lieberté brand is still printed. And when you open the storage box you will immediately see the Lea.

In the packaging you will of course find the Lea, the USB charging cable and the manual.

The charging of the Lea is done on the side of the toy, you can push the pin through the material in the intended place

The Lea has 1 on/off button, which you press for +/- 3 seconds to turn on the Lea, so you can also "zap" through the different modes with the same button.

The test

By now, if you read my reviews more often, you already know my talk about lubricant, but again, it just gets better with lubricant! Especially with a lay-on vibrator like the Lea, the lubricant conducts the vibrations even better. So this time I use the Pjur Woman Nude lubricant again, I find this a very pleasant lubricant that does not stick and it is a water-based lubricant, so also good for your toy.

I said it above, the Lea is comfortable to hold and easy to hold. The vibrations of the Lea are also quite intense, that already starts with the first steady position, you will notice this immediately in your hand or on your fingers (depends on how you hold the Lea) so if you are very sensitive to that , that can be a disadvantage, because it vibrates really hard, especially at the third steady position, then you have to hold the Lea really well, because the vibrations in combination with the lubricant can make it slip through your fingers.

I think the vibrations are really great, I'm not normally a big fan of the different patterns, but the Lea has a number of patterns that I really like, that is a short, short, long pattern and a pattern that goes from hard to soft, so you can build up the feeling longer before you come to an orgasm.

I have also stated in other reviews that I am a fan of direct stimulation, which is certainly possible with the Lea. I then hold the Lea between my fingers at the front and back. (see photo below).

The Lea is a very versatile toy, because you can of course use the Lea in more ways than just for clitoral stimulation, for example also consider nipple stimulation if you like it. Or you can use the Lea together with a partner :-)


This is the second time I have tested a lay-on vibrator and I must say that I secretly really like them, the Lea is so small, so it is also very easy to take with you. The only small drawback I think is that the Lea really quickly attracts dust, so even if you have just taken the Lea out of the packaging, you will immediately see everything on it. So clean it well before and after use, but that is actually with any toy.

This was only the first toy of the Lieberté collection that I tested, I'm already curious about the rest!

You can buy the Lea here

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