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Review Alixe G-spot Vibe

Today I'm writing my review about Christine le Duc's Alixe G-spot Vibe.


Material: Silicone and small piece of ABS Plastic

Rechargeable: yes, by means of a USB cable

Vibrations: 8 different positions

Waterproof: yes

Selling price: € 31,49 you can buy the Alixe G-spot Vibe, now on sale,here at the site from Christine le Duc My first impression The Alixe has a super nice neon pink color. The Alixe G-spot vibe is made of silicone and feels great in the hand. Silicone toys are body safe and easy to clean, very important to do this before and after using your toy.

Packaging and details

The Alixe G-spot Vibe comes in a sturdy box with the image of the Alixe and when you open the box you will also see the text on the inside: "I swear to god I won't stop until you're shaking. . "just like the Lola suction vibe, which I wrote a review about before. (You can read this again here. You will also immediately see the contents of the packaging, the toy itself, the charger and the instructions for use underneath the toy.

The Alixe G-spot Vibe has a deflecting shaft so that it can reach your G-spot, the Alixe also has two extra "bumps" which provide extra stimulation. The toy is not flexible.

As you can see, the Alixe G-spot Vibe only has 2 buttons, with the top button you switch the Alixe G-spot Vibe on and off, with which you also switch the vibration patterns. The bottom button is to adjust the intensity of the vibrations, you can also pause the vibrations.

You charge the toy by pushing the pin of the USB cable through the silicone in the right place, this is a small circle just above the silver-colored part on the back of the Alixe G-spot Vibe.

The test

As always I first use enough lubricant and turn on the Alixe G-spot Vibe, if you have read my reviews more often, you will know that I am more of a fan of steady vibrations than different patterns, so I "zap" through the different settings first. to see which one seems best for me.

What strikes me immediately is that the vibrations feel deep and powerful and then it is only in the starting position, that promises something ...

I always know where to find my G-spot and the Alixe hits it perfectly, the two extra "bumps" feel really nice, it is really an extra stimulation, this is also because the Alixe is not flexible and therefore "harder". is. If I also turn up the vibrations, I reached an orgasm in no time.

Another advantage of the Alixe G-spot Vibe is that you can also use it to stimulate your clitoris. This is also highly recommended if you like pinpoint stimulation, because the tip of the Alixe can be used perfectly for that.


I think the Alixe G-spot Vibe is highly recommended if you like deep and powerful vibrations, you can use it internally to stimulate your G-spot and externally to stimulate your clitoris, best of both worlds I would say You can buy the Alixe G-spot Vibe here ________________________________________________________________________

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