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Review Anna

Today my review is about Anna, the third toy of the Lieberté collection, this collection's mission is freedom for love!


Material: Siliconen and ABS

Length: 22 cm

Width: 3,3 cm

Waterproof: yes

Rechargeable:yes via USB kabel

Positions: 10, 3 steady and 7 paterns

Retail price : € 39,99 you can buy Anna here

My first impression

I have mentioned it a number of times in my previous reviews of the Lieberté collection, I think it's a beautiful color combination, that black with the red metallic edge. And the Anna looks like a classic G-spot vibrator

Packaging and details

The style of the packaging of the Lieberté collection is red with black, which you also see here at Anna, it is a red sleeve around a sturdy cardboard packaging. The image of Anna on the front is the actual size and on the back you can read some nice details.

Each toy of the Lieberté collection has a nice description about the name Anna, how they see the woman:

"Everyone is silent for a moment when Anna enters a room with grace and control. She knows exactly what she is worth, so she divides her time and attention critically, her passion always has the highest priority. Anna handles problems effortlessly, no water is too much for her. deep. With her you have come to the right place if you need a go-getter"

If you remove the casing, you will find the black storage box on which the Lieberté brand is still printed. And when you open the storage box you immediately see the Anna.

In the packaging you will of course find the Anna, the USB charging cable and the manual.

With Anna, charging also takes place at the back of the toy, where you can push the pin through the material in the intended place.

Anna only has 1 button, if you hold it down for a while it turns on, then you can zap through all 10 positions, so don't go past your favorite too quickly, because then you can start again ;-)

The test

Also this time I start with the lubricant from Pjur, the nude woman, this works very well for me, does not stick and more importantly, I can handle it. I have had an unpleasant experience with lube, then I had the feeling that everything was on fire down there hahah. So choose a lubricant that is comfortable for you and always use a water-based lubricant with a silicone toy!

What immediately strikes me is that the Anna feels quite "hard" and is not flexible. I've also had other G-spot vibrators where this was the case, but honestly this is anything but a problem :-)

The "top" is also a good size, not too big, but certainly not too small.

What you can of course also do with the Anna is to first stimulate your clitoris with the head of the Anna, so you can warm yourself up a bit before inserting it.

I know how to find my G-spot so when I started working with the Anna I quickly noticed that the vibrations of Anna feel great, you have 3 steady positions, my favorite normally, but also 7 patterns. Because you only have 1 button, you have to be careful not to press the button too quickly, because then you may just zap past the favorite setting. With the Anna I also liked the vibration patterns and I know that I can postpone my orgasm a bit. When I use the steady vibrations, I reach an orgasm in no time.

I actually think it is an advantage that Anna is not flexible, so you can keep the vibrator in the right place and if you like it, you can also put some more pressure because the toy does not bend. I do advise you to make sure you have a towel nearby, because it can sometimes get wet.....


The Anna is a fun toy, and is also very suitable for beginners. And certainly nice if you want to try a toy for your G-spot that is also affordable.

I also find it a disadvantage with Anna that it really quickly attracts dust, so even if you have just taken the Anna out of the packaging, you will immediately see everything on it. So clean it well before and after use, but that is actually with any toy.

This was another review of the Lieberté collection, on to the next one!

You can buy Anna here

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