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Review Womanizer Duo 2

Womanizer asked me if I wanted to test the Womanizer Duo 2 and of course I answered yes, because the Womanizer Duo is still in my top 5 favorites :-)

(you can read the review here)

And because I now have both versions, I can also compare whether there is much difference.


Material: Silicone and a little piece of ABS Plastic

Length: 20 cm, of which the depth is 10,5 cm

Diameter: 3,5 cm

Positions: 10 vibration positions and 14 air pulsation positions

Waterproof: Yes

Rechargeable: yes, via USB-kabel

Retail price: € 203,00 you can buy the Womanizer Duo 2 here

My first impression

At first glance, the Womanizer Duo 2 doesn't look very different from the Womanizer Duo, they are the same size and the only thing I can see is that the line between the buttons is a bit wider. What is new with the Womanizer Duo 2 is that it has an afterglow function, I will tell you more about that in a moment.

Packaging and details

The packaging of Womanizer always looks good, a sturdy box with the image of the Womanizer Duo 2 on the front and the most important points about the Womanizer Duo 2 on the back. I really like the color I received. beautiful color, it is described on the website as the color Petrol. You notice that different colors are being chosen more often than before, which is great fun in variation, especially if you already have a lot of toys.

You will of course find the Womanizer Duo 2 in the packaging, and there is also a manual, the charger and a storage bag. There is an extra card in this packaging stating that they have used a more natural packaging and that it is therefore possible that there are still small pieces of paper on your Womanizer Duo 2. Incidentally, this was not the case with me, but it is always important to clean your toy before and after use!

As you can see, you also charge the Womanizer Duo 2 with the magnetic charging cable and you see that the Womanizer Duo 2 also has many buttons, 2 buttons for the air pressure part and 3 buttons for the vibration part. The button for the vibration part is the button at the bottom left of the photo, in my previous review I described it as a mini bullet vibrator with half moons along it, with this you increase the vibrations and with the minus you set the vibrations softer. To switch vibration patterns, use the button at the very bottom, the one with all the dots together.

Also with the Womanizer Duo 2, the button for the air pressure part is a kind of speaker, with which you can increase the air pressure and with the minus you can lower it again.

The Smart Silence function is super handy, the Womanizer Duo 2 does not work as long as it does not make contact with your clitoris, so if you are unexpectedly disturbed during your session, for example, you can remove the duo 2 and that will stop the sound. You can also turn off this Smart Silence function by pressing the two top buttons at the same time, so that the Womanizer Duo 2 stays on constantly, unless you turn it off with the power button.

I already mentioned above that the Womanzier Duo 2 has another new function, namely the afterglow. Many people do not like that the moment you are about to come, the intensity of the vibrations or air pressure remains on the high setting and you therefore have to turn it down by pressing the button a dozen times, or even by toy off your clitoris.

That is why Womanzier has created the afterglow function, which means that with 1 push of a button (the on/off button) you can immediately reset the Womanizer Duo 2 to position 1, so the Womanizer Duo 2 will continue to stimulate. , but very soft, so you can enjoy your orgasm longer.

Here you can see the Womanizer Duo and the Womanizer Duo 2 side by side for comparison

The test

As always I start my test with lubricant, also this time I used the Pjur Woman Nude, I find that a very pleasant lubricant that is water-based.

When I started using the Womanizer Duo for the very first time, I called it quite a device, because of its shape, but as I have already indicated, it is still in my top 5, so I have already used it extensively and I therefore know exactly how the buttons work etc.

The difference with the Womanizer Duo is that the Womanizer Duo 2 has no less than 14 different air pressure settings instead of 12, so something for everyone!

I think air pressure stimulation is a really great invention and the combination with the bar vibrations against my G-spot, the Womanizer Duo 2 does not disappoint me either.

I think that the Womanizer Duo 2 also has nice deep vibrations and because of the air pressure stimulation I still have the so-called blended orgasms.

A blended orgasm is that you achieve a vaginal and clitoral orgasm at the same time through the stimulation of both the clitoris and the G-spot. And that just goes through my whole body, the endorphins are then fully present in my body. (Endorphin is also called the happiness hormone)

Previously when I used the Womanizer Duo and I had reached my orgasm, I immediately turned it off because otherwise it feels really very intense, but now with the Womanizer Duo 2 I have of course tested the afterglow function, actually it is really a super nice function, you just have to figure out which timing is best for you to use the afterglow function, because too early is not nice, but too late then the effect is also gone. I now know which timing works perfectly for me and I can enjoy my orgasm and the feeling you get with it for an extra long time.


I am really a fan of the Womanizer Duo 2, the combination of air pressure and internal stimulation is really great for me. And I think the afterglow function is a real added value. But if you already have the Womanizer Duo, I would not necessarily buy the Womanizer Duo 2, because it is of course already very good and the only differences I have discovered are the 2 extra air pressure functions and the afterglow function.

But if you don't have the Womanizer Duo yet, I would definitely advise purchasing the Womanizer Duo 2, yes it's really an expense, I know, but it's really worth the money.

you can buy the Womanizer Duo 2 here

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