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Review Curved Big Wand from Dream Toys

The people who read my reviews more often know that I really enjoy testing glass toys. This is because I also want to discuss the prejudice about glass toys and that they can actually be used very versatile.

So when I saw the Curved Big Wand at Christine le Duc, I immediately asked if I could test it and tadaa! Below you can read what I think about it.


Material: Glas

Length: 21 cm

Diameter: 3,8 cm

Weight: 167 gram

Waterproof: ja, uiteraard

This dildo can be used with all types of lubricant, silicone, water-based, oil-based

Retail price: € 64,99

You can buy the Curved Big Wand at Christine le Duc

My first impression

The Curved Big Wand has such beautiful colors, you have a different color combination on both sides.

I must confess that the main reason I wanted to test the Curved Big Wand is that it looks similar to the Pure Wand from Njoy. This is a toy that is still on my wishlist, because I've heard so many good things about it and I hope I can test it myself 😊 The Curved Big Wand is actually a kind of “wannabe” but made of glass .

Packaging and details

The Curved Big Wand comes in a black cardboard packaging, which already shows the Curved Big Wand. When you open the box, it contains a kind of styrofoam-like material with a lid under which you will find the Curved Big Wand, which is completely surrounded by the "styrofoam" material.

I always keep glass dildos in the original packaging, because then you won't just come across them. And if you drop that packaging, there is a chance that nothing is wrong with the dildo, but if you drop it in, for example, only a storage bag (and then it depends on what kind of surface) then I think that it might break. Even the most sturdy glass will break on a hard surface, such as tiles. Furthermore, these dildos are really made of super sturdy material and even if you accidentally handle them too hard, they really don't just break.

As I said, the Curved Big Wand has very nice color combinations. I like it, nice and shiny. And that shape too, semi-circular hence the name curved, one side is thicker with a thick round head on it and the other side is narrower with a narrower round head.

The Curved Big Wand does not feel very heavy, very curious how this feels with testing.

Glass dildos also have a number of advantages, they are of smooth material, very easy to clean, with some warm water and toy cleaner.

With a glass dildo you don't have to take into account what kind of lubricant you want to use, because you can use water-based lubricant, silicone-based lubricant and even oil-based lubricant, so ideal!

What is also very nice is that you can work with temperature play, which means that you can cool the dildo before use, so you get a different experience. But of course you can also choose to preheat the dildo, then you will have a completely different sensation and your senses will be stimulated in a different way.

The test

Armed with lubricant, this time on a silicone base, I'm going to test. I am very curious how it will feel, because you have a certain expectation in advance, often I can estimate whether a toy works well for me.

I never warm up my glass toys in advance, because they take your own body temperature very quickly. So this time I didn't.

I can tell you that the Curved Big Wand feels really nice in the hand and you can hold and move it very easily. And wow, this is a toy that hits the right spot right away! A hit the spot, hole-in-one, whatever you want to call it. Great feeling! I always know where to find my G-spot, but the Curved Big Wand knows it too, I had my first orgasm really quickly and that felt really good, very intense and intense! This is due to the shape, it is just really nice, this allows you to move the dildo itself in all directions, the round head and because the weight is not super heavy you can also put some extra pressure with it if you wish. I'm lucky that I can also have an orgasm through penetration alone, especially if my G-spot is hit, then they become smashing orgasms and the Curved Big Wand has brought me several smashing orgasms.

The thinner side of the Curved Big Wand can also be used for prostate stimulation, but I haven't tried that 😊


The Curved Big Wand is a toy that is definitely in my top 3. Because what orgasms I get from this! By using the Curved Big Wand I have only become more curious about the Njoy Pure Wand, now I definitely want to test it myself, then I can also make a comparison between the "real" and the "wannabe"

I definitely recommend the Curved Big Wand as a dildo for beginners too, because you really can't go wrong with it and it just feels great!

You can buy the Curved Big Wand at Christine le Duc

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I am really glad to you for this review; you helped me with the purchase of this product. It's great that you provided a comparison to Njoy! Keep it up :)

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