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Review Diablo

Some dildos look like a party, I also think the Diablo is a party to see, nice colors and full of glitter!


Material: Silicone

Length: 18,5 cm

Diameter: 4,6 cm

Waterproof: Yes

This dildo can only be used with water-based lubricant

Retail price: € 54,99

You can buy the Diablo here

My first impression

It is a dildo with bright colors of pink and purple with glitter in it, this looks super cool, and I suddenly feel like having a party with the Diablo😊

I'm also very curious whether you feel the dots near the "glans" very well

Packaging and details

The Diablo was delivered to me in a transparent silver zip packaging, which also included 2 other toys, I don't know if it is always delivered this way.

I think this color composition looks nice and the glitter makes it even more special.

You can order the Diablo in many different colors and it can also be ordered in different sizes. I have the Small version (18.5 cm) you also have the Mini (14.5 cm), Medium (22.5 cm) and Large (26.5 cm).

And you can choose between 2 different types of hardness, soft and medium.

The Diablo also has a suction cup part at the bottom, so you can easily place the dildo on a flat surface or attach it to the wall, for example.

There will never be 2 exactly the same Diablos, because they are made by hand. They use 100% silicone, so the toys are completely body safe.

The test

This time again I am armed with lube ready for testing. When testing the Diablo I used water-based lubricant, this time the Woman Nude from Pjur. I think this is a very nice lubricant, which does not become sticky. And lubricant is always a good idea, it just makes it even better!

I must first say that I did feel the dots near the "glans" and that this does provide extra stimulation, I like the feel of it, it is not too hard, not too soft, but actually just right.

The Diablo has a shape that is also good for G-spot stimulation; the shaft has a small curvature and because the dildo is very flexible you can easily bend it in the right direction and because the Diablo feels fairly firm, not much stimulation is needed to bring me to a fantastic orgasm.

Although I generally have no problems with this.

I think the suction cup is a very nice addition to this dildo, you can easily place the Diablo somewhere if you want to use it in a place other than in bed.


I find the Diablo a pleasure to look at, but also to use, the places that should be hit are actually hit. As far as I'm concerned, a great dildo! I would definitely recommend him too.

You can buy the Diablo here 

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