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Review Njoy Pure Wand

As you may have read, I reviewed the Curved Big Wand from Dreamtoys a while back (you can read it here) and I said I hoped I could test the Njoy Pure Wand again and Easytoys sent it to sent to me, super cool!


Material: Metal

Length: 20 cm

Diameter: the large bulb is 3.8 cm and the small bulb is 2.5 cm

Waterproof: Yes

The Njoy Pure Wand can be used with all types of lubricant

Retail price: € 139.99, you can buy the Njoy Pure Wand here at Easytoys.

My first impression

The first thing that strikes me is that the Njoy Pure Wand feels really heavy, especially if I compare it with the Curved Big Wand, a toy made of glass and the NJoy Pure Wand is completely made of metal. It has a nice shine and the Njoy logo looks nice on it. The Njoy Pure Wand has two sizes of bulbs, a larger and a smaller one, that looks promising!

Packaging and details

The Njoy Pure Wand comes in a nice sturdy black storage box with a white sleeve around it

As soon as you open the storage box, you see that the Njoy Pure Wand is covered in pink satin, which looks very chic to me.

You can clearly see the difference in size of the bulbs. This way you can decide for yourself where you would like to start. I have also read from other reviewers that the Njoy Pure wand is also a toy that is very popular among men, because they also find it pleasant for prostate stimulation.

The Njoy Pure wand fits well in the hand, it is a bit heavy, but that doesn't cause me any problems.

I also took a picture so you can see the differences between the Curved Big Wand and the Njoy Pure Wand. As you can see, they both have the same shape, what is immediately noticeable is that the large sphere of the Njoy Pure wall is slightly larger than that of the Curved wall. The biggest difference is of course the material, the Curved Big wall is made of glass and the Njoy Pure wall is made of metal, this is also a significant difference in weight.

The similarity is that with both toys you can use all kinds of lubricant and you can work with temperature differences, so make it colder before inserting it or warmer if you like that. Both metal and glass adapt very quickly to your body temperature.

The test

I couldn't wait to test the Njoy Pure Wand, I'm super excited!

This time I chose water-based (and vegan) lubricant from Lot of Toys I got a test jar from Lotte herself to test, it smells nice, it doesn't stick either, so those are definitely pluses. It feels really smooth and it's a very nice lubricant to use.

I always like to insert a toy without heating it, because I just know that it will get warm/hot in no time due to my own body temperature. So I also do this with the Njoy Pure Wand, I immediately go for the larger bulb, it is a bulb that does not go from thinner to thicker, so lubricant is certainly not a luxury.

But wow what a great shape this toy has, the Pure wand is really nice in the hand.

And because the bulb is a bit bigger, the Pure Wand gives me a "full" feeling when I have just inserted it and my muscles automatically clamp around it. Because of the weight and the curvature, I immediately sit against my G-spot and an orgasm follows very quickly while I haven't even moved the Pure wand yet! And this was only the first of many orgasms that followed during the first test, love it!

Because the Pure wand is heavier, I wouldn't move it up and down too hard, or let it move if you use it with a partner. That is also completely unnecessary, because if you turn the bulb slowly, it really feels great!


What a great invention the Njoy Pure Wand is! I'm really glad I got to test this one. People sometimes tell me that I don't need a man at all with all the toys I can test. My answer is always that it is absolutely not a replacement, but that it can be seen as an enrichment.

But if it were the case that there would ever be no men at all, then you will absolutely not hear me complaining as long as I have the Njoy Pure Wand.

The Njoy Pure wand is recommended for everyone, both people who already have experience with G-spot dildos, but also for people who have no experience with them yet. It really is a hit!

You can buy the Njoy Pure wand here at Easytoys

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