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Review Velvet Thruster Prime

A long time ago I was given the Velvet Thruster Prime to test, a handheld fucking machine, as they describe it. A dildo that does the thrusting for you, how handy is that!

You may have heard of the Cowgirl fucking machine, this is a very expensive device that is more difficult to store. The people of the Velvet Thruster therefore wanted to make a variant that is more affordable, that you can hold yourself and store more easily. You can read below what I think of the Velvet Thruster Prime.


Material: Medical grade Silicone and the base is ABS plastic

Length: Jacky 19 cm and Frankie 16 cm

Diameter: Jacky 5 cm and Frankie 4 cm

Waterproof: the silicone is, the base isn't

Positions: 6 speeds, till 140 strokes per minute

The Velvet Thruster Prime can only be used with waterbased lubricant

Retail price: $ 396,37 ( is the set like I have it)

You can buy the Velvet Thruster Prime at TheThruster

My first impression

I think it's really cool that I can test the Velvet Thruster Prime! The Velvet Thruster Prime I got has 2 different attachments, the Jacky (black) and the Frankie (mint green). I think the Velvet Thruster Prime already looks quite large and I am very curious about how this will be in use, especially because it is a thrusting machine that you can hold yourself.

Packaging and details

The Velvet Thruster Prime comes in a white box showing the Velvet Thruster Prime. The other accessories are supplied in black translucent storage bags. On the side and on the back of the box are some facts mentioned.

In the packaging you will find the base of the Velvet Thruster Prime, at that moment I have the Frankie attachment on it.

I also received the Jacky attachment, a suction cup, handle to hold the Prime and the charger.

What immediately strikes me about the charger is that it has 2 pins, oops, this can't be used in our sockets! I went looking for a world plug and if you put the Prime's charger in it, it can be charged, luckily 😊 (see video)

Charging the Prime is done by placing the plug in the appropriate place in the base.

The on/off button of the Prime is on the back of the base, as soon as you press it, the Prime will move immediately.

The Prime has a plus and a minus button on the front of the base, this is to increase or decrease the speeds. Because on the fastest setting, the Prime goes up and down with 140 punches per minute!

The test

Also this time I am again armed with lubricant ready to test. When testing the Prime, I use a water-based lubricant, this time again the Woman Nude from Pjur. A very nice lubricant that does not get sticky. And lube is just always a good idea, just makes it even better!

I was the first to test the Prime with Frankie attachment (the mint green one). I screwed on the handle at the bottom. I was bumbling a bit about the most convenient way to hold it, but after that I came to the next “problem”, I still had to turn on the Prime…. As soon as you turn it on, it immediately goes up and down, so I had to find the right position with the handle again. The handle can be an addition if you have a steady hand, because you have to keep it in place, because the Prime itself does all the work of course. I didn't find it very useful so I quickly unscrewed the handle and exchanged it for the suction cup.

The suction cup works really well, you can attach it to the wall (for example in your bathroom), on the floor or on a chair. I've tried all three versions, but I liked it the most on the wall, kinda Doggy style idea, love it!

And that sound! I had to get used to it, it is really a mechanical sound, but that is of course logical with such a device. The louder you turn the settings, the louder the sound gets, so it's not a device you can use unheard of 😊

What I also like is a nice detail, if you change the speed, the color of the ring also changes, so you can easily remember which position you like the most.

The first position is still fairly quiet in terms of punches, but you have 6 different speeds, I can tell you that I really think it's a great invention.

Because the Prime does the work itself, you have your hands free and you can stimulate your clitoris yourself or you can grab another toy to stimulate your clitoris, for example the Glamor Vibe or the Femsation from Rianne S, this gives you double stimulation, both internally and externally and you can achieve a blended orgasm. That is a really wonderful orgasm.

I do like the Frankie, as you may have seen in the photo, the Frankie has 3 ridges under the "acorn", but unfortunately I don't feel that when the Prime is in use.

I also really want to try the Jacky, you can easily change the sleeves and I immediately notice that the Jacky feels even better to me than the Frankie. Jacky has the look of a realistic dildo, I received it in black and it is slightly thicker in size than the Frankie. He's more filling, so to speak. Certainly the mention again, use enough lubricant! Jacky is really my favorite and then on stand 3 together with the glamor vibe, best combination there is 😉

Here's another video of changing the sleeves:


I really think the Velvet Thruster Prime is a great invention, you can store it easily and you have a sex machine that does the work itself 😊 It makes a lot of noise so if you are looking for something that is quiet, then this is not recommended. You can put together the Velvet Thruster Prime yourself and make it as expensive as you want. With all the options I have included, you come to a cost of $396.37, which is pricey, but of course still much cheaper than the big sex machines.

You can buy the Velvet Thruster Prime at TheThruster

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