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Review Dame Pom

Today's review is about the Dame Pom, a flexible lay-on vibrator. I've owned the Pom for a while now, so time to share my thoughts on it.


Material: Silicone

Length: 8 cm

Width: 5,5 cm

Waterproof: yes

Rechargeable: yes via USB kabel

Positions: 10, of which 5 steady and 5 paterns

Retail price: € 99,95 you can buy the Dame Pom here

My First Impression

What a funny form of lay-on vibrator the Dame Pom is, especially because of the tip on it. But the Dame Pom feels soft and feels very good in the hand

Packaging and details

The packaging of the Dame Pom is relatively simple, both in terms of color scheme and the drawings, but it looks fine, you can clearly see what's inside.

If you remove the casing, you will find the storage box underneath, why the name Pom is still printed and the Dame brand. And when you open the storage box you immediately see the Pom.

In the packaging you will of course find the Dame Pom, the USB charging cable, the manual, a Dame sticker and a storage bag with the Dame Logo printed on it.

Charging the Dame Pom is done by clicking the magnetic charging cable into the Pom. It is a very flexible charging cable and is different from the standard cables that normally come with the toys.

The Dame Pom has a small notch at the back in the shape of the Pom itself, this is the on/off button and allows you to zap through the patterns.

On the side with the tip at the top you see a kind of smile with a ball on it, with these buttons you set the settings harder or softer. The ball is the side with which the Pom goes faster. You can also feel the ball, you can also choose to keep the button pressed, then the vibrator will vibrate harder and harder until it can no longer be louder. You can of course also press the button yourself one or more times to make the vibrator harder or softer.

The test

By now you already know my talk about lubricant if you read my reviews more often, but again, with lubricant it just goes even better! Especially with a lay-on vibrator like the Dame Pom, the lubricant conducts the vibrations even better. So this time I use the Pjur Woman Nude lubricant again, I find this a very pleasant lubricant that does not stick and it is a water-based lubricant, so also good for your toy.

As I said with my first impression, the Dame Pom fits very well in the hand, you can use the Dame Pom like this by leaving it in your palm, I have certainly tried this and I have to tell you that it works well works if I have the Dame Pom exactly in the right place, so with the tip on my clitoris. Because the Dame Pom is nice and flexible, you can also bend it a bit more by applying some pressure with your palm. Then you will feel the deep vibrations of the Dame Pom even better.

But if I'm honest, I just find it better to hold the Dame Pom at the bottom, I just find that more practical, also because I can reach the buttons more easily.

I have also stated in other reviews that I am a fan of direct stimulation, which is certainly possible with the Dame Pom. You can use that point as a kind of Pinpoint stimulation, really nice. Definitely a plus for me. The Dame Pom's vibrations are also quite powerful, especially for a toy of this size.


I have never tested a lay-on vibrator before, but I must say that I really liked the Dame Pom. The direct stimulation is really more than fine with the Dame Pom, but you can also choose to stimulate a larger area and that is why the Dame Pom is actually a toy that is fairly versatile.

You can buy the Dame Pom here

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