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Review FemmeGasm Feelztoys

I got the FemmeGasm from Moments2Share to test it out and write my review about it, what a nice innovative sex toy! Read my review quickly what I think of the FemmeGasm.


Material: Silicone

Rechargeable: Yes, via USB cable

Vibrations: 6 vibration patterns and 6 pulsation positions

Waterproof: Yes

Selling price: € 49,95

You can buy the FemmeGasm here at moments2share

My first impression

What a nice color blue the FemmeGasm has (is also available in pink and purple) and how soft it feels! The FemmeGasm has a slightly curved shape and the tip at the end is very soft and flexible. The FemmeGasm is described as a pulsating air pressure vibrator. I am really curious how this would feel, especially since air pressure vibrators are one of my favorites.

Packaging and details

The FemmeGasm comes in a sturdy white box on which the FemmeGasm is depicted, I have the blue FemmeGasm so my image is also blue.

You will also find a USB charging cable and the user manual.

The FemmeGasm has 2 buttons, an on / off button, which is also the button to switch on the vibration function and to zap through it, and a heart, which turns on the pulsation / tapping function of the FemmeGasm.

On the other side of the FemmeGasm you will find the circle to insert the USB charging cable.

I think the nozzle of the FemmeGasm is special, with other air pressure toys the nozzle is fairly deep and open, but the nozzle of the FemmeGasm is very shallow, is closed and has a ball in the middle, at that moment I still wonder why has been chosen for this.

On the back of the package it is written in English that if you like air pressure vibrators, you should definitely try the FemmeGasm, because the FemmeGasm has a so-called "pleasure spot" that takes care of all sensitive parts on your body with different vibration settings and ultra fine tapered and ticklish feelings due to difference in air pressure.

As I already mentioned, the end is very soft and bendable and feels very pleasant. You can use this as a separate vibrator, but also in combination with the air pressure pulsations, then you have an extra stimulation.

The Test

Here comes the standard sentence in my reviews again: always use lubricant when using your toys! This makes using a toy even better. Also choose a water-based lubricant with the FemmeGasm, this does not affect the silicone and so you can enjoy your toy for longer.

I use the FemmeGasm first with only the air pressure / tapping function. Wow what a special feeling the bump against my clitoris gives, this feels really good! The part around the bump pulses very softly and that combination feels great. It is actually quite a targeted stimulation of the clitoris and because you have different positions you can very well test what is best for you.

Normally I like steady positions (with the FemmeGasm position 1-3), but I think the different patterns (position 4-6) feel very nice with the FemmeGasm, this is also very beneficial if you want to postpone your orgasm a bit longer . Because of the feeling of the direct stimulation of the bump, I really enjoyed the FemmeGasm and the FemmeGams also brought me several orgasms :-)

Of course I also tried the end of the FemmeGasm with the vibration function. This also feels nice, does not have as hard vibrations as what I like.

It is of course less special than the other side, but absolutely fine and it is nice that you can also use it as a vibrator.


I think it is an innovative toy, the feeling that the FemmeGasm gives is difficult to put into words, you should actually experience it yourself. If you are a fan of air pressure toys, I think the FemmeGasm should not be missing in your collection. I absolutely think it's a great toy and I know that I will have a lot of fun with it

You can buy the FemmeGasm here at moments2share.

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