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Review Femsation from Rianne S

How nice is this, I got the Femsation from Rianne S herself to test. Rianne S is a Dutch woman who years ago decided to market sex toys herself and to design them herself. The card included in the Femstation packaging states the following: "Rianne S' primary focus is on women and their sexual wellbeing. We celebrate women and encourage them to explore their desires and create a fulfilling sex life for themselves. Yes, it takes two to tango, but if you are sexually happy it's a beautiful start." You can read below what my experience was with the Femsation.


Material: Silicone and ABS plastic

Rechargeable: Yes, via USB cable

Vibrations; 5 positiond

Waterproof: Yes, splash proof

Stelling privé : € 49,95

You can buy the Femsation here at Rianne S

My first impression

The Femsation is a pinpoint vibrator and I have already tested a number of them. I know these types of vibrators work really well for me so I am very curious how the Femsation is. The Femsation looks great, beautiful pink with gold and instead of a long rod as a handle, the Femsation is a kind of sphere with a pin attached to it.

Packaging details

The Femsation comes in a nice sturdy box with the colors purple / pink and the image of the Femsation in gold, I think it looks very nice and stylish. In the packaging itself you will find, outside the Femsation, a USB charging cable, a user manual and a card from Rianne S with all kinds of kisses on it and on the back the text that I had already described.

The Femsation has 1 button to turn the toy on / off, which can also be felt very well, which I like very much. With this button you can also zap through the 5 different positions. The Femsation is also quite small, it fits nicely in my palm

Charging the Femsation is done by pushing the pin on the bottom of the Femsation through the silicone in the designated place.

Charging the Femsation is done by pushing the pin on the bottom of the Femsation through the silicone in the designated place.

The test

As you know by now, it is always important to use enough lubricant when using a toy. In the case of the Femsation it is extra important, because this is a pinpoint vibrator, has very targeted stimulation and so it is necessary that it glides well. Also use a water-based lubricant with the Femsation, so you can enjoy your toy longer.

Pinpoint vibrators, I just discovered them, but wow, what an enrichment this is to have. The Femsation is also a toy that I find quite intense in the first position, but very tasty, I already know that it doesn't take me very long to reach an orgasm. I go through the other positions of the Femsation, the first three are the so-called steady positions, which always work well with me. Although I find the third position a bit too intense for my clitoris. The last two positions are the patterns. When using the Femsation these pattern positions are ideal for me to postpone my orgasm, this is because you then have constructive and decreasing vibrations. Sometimes nice, but I still prefer steady positions.


I think the Femsation by Rianne S is a super fine pinpoint vibrator that feels great in the hand, has very intense stimulation and looks very nice. I think this is definitely recommended for lovers of pinpoint vibrators and if you've never had a pinpoint vibrator, the Femsation is a great toy to try out.

You can buy the Femsation here at Rianne S

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