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Review Glynn Real Fantasy

Realistic dildos, opinions on this are divided, usually you are either a fan or not.

I see them often, but I have to admit that I didn't have one in my collection yet. Until then, because Easytoys gave me this realistic dildo from Glynn to test and review. You can read what I thought of it below.


Material: PVC

Length: 25 cm

Diameter: 5 cm

Waterproof: ja, uiteraard

This dildo can be used with water-based lubricant

Retailprice: € 43,95

You can buy the Glynn Real Fantasy at Easytoys

My First impression

As I already knew this is my first realistic dildo, although I have to say that it is a lot bigger than the average penis 😉 It certainly seems realistic, because the details have been thought of, the veins, the glans, the ridges behind the glans, etc.

It feels quite soft and is quite flexible. This is because it is made of PVC, this is also a point with which I am a little less happy, I will come back to why this is so in a moment.

Packaging and details

The Glynn Real Fantasy comes in a fairly sturdy box on which the dildo is depicted, the nice thing about this is that they have opted for a more colorful packaging than standard white. Furthermore, a number of details of the dildo are stated on the packaging, such as what the Glynn is made of, that it can also be used in a strap-on and is equipped with a suction cup.

When you take the Glynn Real Fantasy out of the box, you see that it is still in some kind of plastic packaging. There is nothing else in the packaging, so no storage bag, too bad, but no problem of course.

If you put a lipstick next to the dildo you can only see how big it actually is!

I just mentioned that I'm not too happy with the material the dildo is made of, PVC. This is because PVC can become porous the often you use it and therefore some "cracks" can remain between the "cracks" while cleaning the dildo and it may be that bacteria get the chance to settle in your dildo. you of course not! That also means that you have to throw it away and if it is one of your favorite toys, I don't think you will be happy about that.

I normally always opt for toys made of body-safe material, such as silicone, glass or metal. This is because those materials do not become porous and you can continue to use them with confidence.

The test

Armed with water-based lubricant, because with this size I can definitely use that, I was very curious how the Glynn would feel, because in terms of looks it looks realistic, but is that feeling there?

Anyone who has ever read my reviews knows that I do like ridges on toys, this always gives a little more stimulation and that is certainly the case now.

The veins on the shaft of the dildo and the ridges from where the glans stop are also really palpable and stimulate very well, this really gives a wonderful feeling! All my sensitive spots are touched, which is really nice.

The dildo also gives a "full" feeling, but that is of course due to the thickness. I do like it.

Because of the balls and the suction cup that are attached to the dildo, you can also hold it very well. And the suction cup also works perfectly on a flat surface, such as tiles or laminate, then you can use the dildo hands-free and immediately do your squat exercises while pampering yourself 😉


If the Glynn Real Fantasy was made of silicone I would definitely use it very often because it feels great through all the veins etc. It is a bit on the larger side, but there are several sizes available, so you can always see for yourself which would be best for you. You can buy the Glynn Real Fantasy at Easytoys

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