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Review Icicles No7

A month ago I responded under a post on the instagram page of

They had put together a top 5 of dildos and asked which dildo you would like to try out.

I responded in the post that I would like to try the glass dildo, because I already had the other 4 in my collection. And then it turned out that I had won and was sent it.

So super nice and the dildo came in just before my birthday, so I agreed with myself that I would try it on my birthday :-)

The picture of the packaging shows the dildo with purple ridges, but these are not purple when you take the dildo out of the packaging. They are almost the same color as the dildo itself. Not bad at all, but then you also know that you shouldn't expect that. Unfortunately, there is no storage bag or the like. so I keep the original box but to put it back in after use.

The dildo itself feels heavier than a "normal" dildo, but that makes sense because it is 100% solid glass and therefore not porous. You don't have to think that you are busy and that something happened to the glass.

The packaging states that you can heat it up or cool it down before use.

When testing it, I chose not to heat or cool it, but to try it out just as it is. The bulb at the bottom makes it easy to hold.

The first feeling I got when I used it is oh how cold it feels, but the dildo quickly adapts to your body temperature, which I experienced as very pleasant.

The ridges definitely provide extra stimulation and have certainly contributed to reaching my climax faster. I took some getting used to, but definitely recommended and think that everyone should have a glass dildo in the collection.

It is very easy to clean with a little water or toy cleaner. So it also remains nice and hygienic.

Here some more technical data:

Length: 15cm

Diameter: 2.8cm

Weight: 227 grams

Waterproof: yes

Please let me know if you already have a glass dildo and if so have any recommendations for me.

Love from me

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