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Review Marie

As you could read in my previous blog I received a whole collection of new toys from Beate Uhse. It's the Lieberté collection, this collection's mission is freedom for love!Today's review of Marie, a thrusting rabbit vibrator.


Material: Silicone and ABS

Length: 24.5 cm

Width: 3.5cm

Waterproof: yes

Rechargeable: Yes via USB cable

Possitions: 10, including 3 steady and 7 patterns

Sale price: € 59.99 you can buy Marie here

My first impression

What a beautiful color combination, that black with the red metallic edge. A real rabbit shape vibrator, this is also very recognizable by the "ears" of the clitoral stimulator.

The packaging and details

The style of the packaging of the Lieberté collection is red with black, which you also see here at Marie, it is a red sleeve around a sturdy cardboard packaging. The image of Marie on the front is the actual size and on the back you can read some nice details.Marie has the description:

Marie is completely in harmony with her inner strength. She has integrity and looks forward to the moment when she can relax with a cup of tea on the sofa in the evening and read a good book. Marie knows exactly what she can get out of it. She wants to live life and effortlessly bends the world to her will. She does everything her own way, whether it's rough or calm.

If you remove the casing, you will find the black storage box on which the Lieberté brand is still printed. And when you open the storage box you immediately see Marie lying there.

In the packaging you will of course find Marie, the USB charging cable and the manual.

Marie is charged at the back of the toy, where you can push the pin through the material in the intended place.

Marie has 3 different buttons, the top one is the Power button, with which you turn Marie on/off. You use the second button to rotate the shaft and the bottom button to turn on the vibrations of the clitoral part.

The test

I type the same story about lube in every review, so this time I'll keep it short, it just makes it even better with lube!

Because of the description of a thrusting rabbit vibrator, I am very curious how this works with Marie, so when I turn on Marie I see that the upper part of the shaft rotates and then not as in a thrusting movement but more as in a round... This was a minor setback, because I really expected it to go up and down (like for example the Stronic Surf) and not in circles. But.... turning the shaft also feels nice, you can also choose between different positions, you also have a position where the rotation stops for a while and then continues, this allows you to postpone your orgasm a little longer. The Marie is also a vibrator that can easily reach my G-spot and because of the double stimulation it guarantees a fantastic orgasm.

The ears of the clitoral part feel nice and it is nice that this part is nice and flexible, so you can keep it exactly where you want it. The vibrations of the clitoral part are strong enough and here too you have enough different options in terms of speeds and patterns. I really prefer the steady modes, unless I want to make it a longer session, then the patterns are really nice.


The Marie is a fun toy, and is also very suitable for beginners.

I also find it a disadvantage with Marie that it attracts dust really quickly, so even if you have just taken the Marie out of the packaging, you can immediately see everything on it. So clean it well before and after use, but that is actually with any toy.

This was another review of the Lieberté collection, on to the next one!

You can buy Marie here

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