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Review Mini G-spotter

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

The holiday period is almost here and then I go out more often, go away for a few days and what is important for me to bring, except nice clothes? Right, a nice vibrator, so that I can also spend time there on my self-care. I got this mini G-spotter from Christine le Duc and you can read what I think of it below.


Material: Silicone and ABS Plastic

Rechargable: Yes, via USB-kabel

Vibrations: 3 steady positions and 7 paterns

Waterproof: Yes

Retail price: € 29,99

You can buy the mini G-spotter here at Christine le Duc

My first impression

I really like the size of the mini G-spotter, it's a bit bigger than a bullet vibrator, but it still fits in the palm of my hand, so you can easily take the mini G-spotter with you wherever you go. I have the mini G-spotter in the pink color, nice bright color. The G-spotter is also available in purple and black. What I also find an absolute advantage is that the mini G-spotter is rechargeable.

Packaging and details

The mini G-spotter comes in a plastic packaging, very basic. You see the mini G-spotter on the front and on the back you see the USB charging cable. What I do like is that the details of the mini G-spotter are mentioned on it. And what I also like is the text I won't disappoint you* Take me, I'm Yours. Very curious if this will become true ;-)

Charging the mini G-spotter is done by means of the magnetic USB cable.

As you can see, the mini G-spotter only has 1 button, if you hold it down for a few seconds, it turns on and you can zap through the different modes. If you hold the button again for a few seconds, the mini G-spotter will switch off again. The mini G-spotter will therefore not just turn on in your bag, it is handy to know.

The test

And then we have reached the point again that I am very curious whether the mini G-spotter lives up to expectations (from the text on the back of the packaging).

Before I turn on the mini G-spotter, I use a water-based lubricant again, as you know by now, this is much nicer, because you experience the vibrations even better.

When I turn on the mini G-spotter, I immediately notice that it has very powerful vibrations right away at the first position. I like that! If I then zap further through the positions, I immediately find out why the first position is already so powerful, because the power decreases with the second position and even more with the third position. I'm used to the vibrations normally rising. So was quite surprised. After these steady positions come the patterns, I'm personally not a fan of this, but it is sometimes nice to alternate and postpone my orgasm.

The mini G-spotter works very well for me, I always know where to find my G-spot and I don't need that much stimulation to achieve a spectacular orgasm.

* for the people who don't know where the G-spot is, the G-spot feels like a ribbed spongy piece of tissue, about 5 centimeters deep in the vagina, on the side of the abdomen. You can feel the G-spot on the woman if you insert a finger into the vagina with the palm facing the abdomen. This spot becomes extra sensitive in many women when they are sexually aroused. By making the 'come here' movement with your finger, or having someone else do this movement, you stimulate the clitoris from the inside. You can also stimulate this very well by the G-spotter, because it has the curvature at the top, you can easily go over your G-spot.


The mini G-spotter is a small but powerful toy, which I definitely find useful to have. You can easily take the mini G-spotter with you and you can achieve a great orgasm wherever you want. It didn't disappoint me :-)

You can buy the mini G-spotter here at Christine le Duc

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