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Review Polka dot Jollet

Some dildos look like a party, I also think the Polka dot Jollet is a party to see!

As you may have noticed, I've had more reviews about dildos lately, I didn't have many in my collection yet. Fortunately, that has now changed.


Material: 100% silicone, the bullet is ABS-plastic

Length: 19 cm

Diameter: 4,5 cm

Waterproof: ja

This dildo can only be used with water-based lubricant

Retail price: $ 85,00

You can buy the Polka dot Jollet at Luzarte

My first impression

It is not often that a transparent dildo is made of silicone (so body safe) and then the Jollet also has confetti with glitter in it, this looks really cool and I spontaneously feel like having a party with the Jollet 😊

Packaging and details

The Polka dot Jollet comes in a sturdy box with the Luz Arte logo on it, which can be folded open.

In the package you will find the Polka dot Jollet, a bottle of toy cleaner and a bullet vibrator, these are still packed in a reusable toy bag.

I absolutely love the combination of the confetti and the glitter.

You can order the Jollet in many different colors and there is also a possibility to order a Jollet that you can use in a harness, the price is a bit higher.

The Jollet has a shape designed to match the female anatomy. Designed for g-spot stimulation; the shaft then gradually tapers into ribbing at the bottom. What is also nice to see is that the bottom has a flower shape, it is flat so it can also be placed anywhere and there is also a small opening where you can put the bullet vibrator.

The Jollet is silicone and also feels very firm, hard to the touch, the top part of the Jollet (what you put in) feels a bit smoother than the part you hold, they did this for an easy grip.

There will never be 2 exactly the same Jollets, because all Jollets are made by hand. They only use 100% silicone, so the toys are completely body safe.

The test

This time again I am armed with lubricant ready to test. When testing the Polka dot Jollet, I use a water-based lubricant, this time the Woman Nude from Pjur. A very nice lubricant that does not get sticky. And lube is just always a good idea, just makes it even better!

I really like that the top of the Jollet is a bit smoother, which makes insertion easy. I immediately notice that the Jollet gives a “full” feeling. I like that.

The shape of the Jollet is very well designed indeed, I can reach my G-spot very easily and because the silicone feels so firm, it doesn't take much stimulation to bring me to a rousing orgasm. I'm also lucky that I know very well where my G-spot is and that it doesn't need a lot of stimulation to reach a super orgasm anyway 😊

The nice thing about the shape of the Jollet is that even after my orgasm the dildo stays in place.

It's also nice that they have an opening at the bottom for a bullet vibrator, this provides extra stimulation. Although I prefer to use the Jollet without the bullet, because I find it a very nice dildo. And the vibrations of the bullet are a bit buzzy, so shallow, and I like deep vibrations more.


I think the Polka dot Jollet is a joy to see, but also a joy to use, the places that should be hit are actually touched and I really like the full feeling. In my opinion a top dildo! I would also definitely recommend it if you want something different than a "standard" dildo.

You can buy the Polka dot Jollet at Luzarte

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