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Review Rhea from Ylva & Dite

Sometimes there are webshops that approach me with the question if I want to write a review for them, this time was also the case, by NoShames. They asked if I wanted to write a review about the Rhea from Ylva & Dite, after I looked it up, I was hooked, this dildo looks interesting in terms of shape and the nice thing is that you can choose from many different color combinations. So super cool! You can read about my experience with this below.


Material: 100% Premium platinum sillicone

Length: 17 cm

Diameter: 3 cm en 4,4 cm

Waterproof: ja

You can use this dildo with waterbased lubricant

Retail price: € 49,95

You can buy the Rhea from Ylva & Dite at NoShames

My first impression

I really liked seeing that the Rhea can be ordered in so many different color combinations. I chose the color Sage/Orange myself, simply because these are colors that I don't have in my collection yet 😊

The shape of the Rhea also seems very nice to me because of the kind of pointy top and the Rhea has ribbing, I love ribbing!

Packaging and details

The Rhea comes in a kind of tin-like packaging with a viewing window. It feels very sturdy and looks great. Around it is a sleeve on which various details are mentioned, such as that it is made of premium silicone, can also be used anally, it can be used in a harness and that it has a suction cup.

When you open the package you will see the Rhea in a kind of foam rubber.

And I think the color combination is just great, I chose this one myself, you can choose from many more dozens of colors, so something different for everyone

Another fun fact, Ylva & Dite is a Dutch company that actually makes all their toys here in the Netherlands. They specialize in making toys in beautiful colors. You also know that you can never find 2 exactly the same dildos, because they are made by hand. They only use 100% premium platinum silicone, so the toys are completely body safe.

The toys can be used by any person with a vulva or penis.

The test

Rhea, named after the earthly greatness of Greek Mythology. With its natural shapes it takes you to a higher level. His ancient wisdom ensures that Rhea knows exactly what turns you on. Do you want to discover what earthly forces feel like? Even deeper and more intense, the curves and ripples make for an incredible pleasure.”

This is the text stated on the back of the sleeve, very curious if I will experience this as well.

Also this time I come back with my lubricant talk, but if you read my reviews more often, you know that I always mention that. When testing the Rhea, I use a water-based lubricant, so that your toy is not affected. (because silicone and silicone is a NO-go) And lube is just always a good idea, just makes it even better.

The perfect round top makes it very easy to insert the Rhea. Because the top is shaped like this, I can easily reach my G-spot again and I can tell you that it feels very nice.

Oh and I really like ridges on dildos and with these ridges and the two extra curves it just feels great. A really wonderful feeling and you definitely have extra stimulation from these ridges.

Moving the Rhea slowly already feels nice, but when you go up and down harder, you feel the combination of the extra ridge stimulation and the G-spot stimulation even more and that resulted in a great orgasm.

I have tested the Rhea in various ways, just in the hand, but also by using the suction cup against the bathroom wall. The suction cup stayed perfectly in place so this is very nice. There's nothing more annoying than when you're busy and your dildo slides off the wall.


As far as I'm concerned, the Rhea has lived up to its words. I really like the shape of the Rhea, it hits the right places and yes those ridges are just the bomb. In my opinion a must for everyone!

You can buy the Rhea from Ylva & Dite at NoShames

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