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Review Satisfyer Mono Flex

Maybe you already knew, but the month of May has been renamed masturbation month! And although it is always masturbation month for me, it is extra nice to pay some attention to it. Selflove is never wrong, it can be very de-stressing, an orgasm releases endorphins, which is described as the happiness hormone. And that makes you feel much better and therefore less stressed.

I got the Satisfyer Mono Flex from Christine le Duc, what I thought of it, you can read that below.


Material: Silicone and ABS plastic

Rechargeable: yes, via USB cable

Vibrations: 5 intensities and 10 paterns

Waterproof: yes

Selling price: € 49,95

You can buy the Satisfyer Mono Flex here at Christine le Duc

My first impression

The Satisfyer Mono Flex looks like a "standard" duo vibrator, one that you may have seen a lot of times. And then I have the white version, not a very common color. The Satisfyer Mono Flex is also available in red and pink.

But as the name implies, the Satisfyer Mono Flex is certainly very flexible, both the rod part and the part in front of your clitoris, really nice! I also read that the Mono Flex has 2 separate motors where you can make both parts vibrate separately from each other, very curious about this.

Packaging and details

The packaging of the Satisfyer Mono Flex is, just like the other packaging of the new line, very recognizable, beautiful colors, blue with pink with line drawing and image of the Mono Flex and it opens like a book cover. This packaging of the Mono Flex also contains the hygiene strip, so that you can be sure that the packaging has not been opened before.

In the package you will find the Mono Flex, the USB charging cable and a short manual.

As you can see, the Mono Flex has 4 buttons, these are almost imperceptible, this is a shame, it would have been more convenient if the buttons had been on it. With the + and - buttons you can scroll through the intensities and with the other two buttons you can scroll through the vibration patterns.

You can also charge the Mono Flex using the magnetic USB charging cable.

The Mono Flex also feels very "soft" because it is made of silicone. This makes it very easy to clean it, do this before the first use and after each time you have used the Mono Flex, so bacteria do not have a chance to settle on your toy and you have less chance of getting an infection.

The test

There is the standard sentence again before I start testing; always use enough lubricant when using a toy, it is just really much nicer! Also use a water-based lubricant for the Mono Flex, as this does not affect the silicone and so you can enjoy your toy for much longer.

First I want to mention that I really like that the part in front for my clitoris is a bit wider, because of this the Mono Flex hit my clitoris guaranteed.

Because the Mono Flex is so flexible, you can easily bend it so that it hits your G-spot and you also have the stimulation on your clitoris at the same time. For me this worked perfectly for a "blended orgasm".

If you have also read my other reviews, you know that I am normally more of a fan of the steady positions, as of the patterns, but the Mono Flex has an exception to this with me. You can make the two motors vibrate depending on each other and wow what a nice combinations come out here! This really just feels really good, I can't describe it very well, but because you can set two different types of vibrations, you have a variety of stimulation. Very nice.

And then this was only with the Mono Flex itself. Then you also have the Satisfyer app, a really good invention.

The app is called the Satisfyer connect (can be downloaded in the Google Play store and in the Apple store) and connecting with the Mono Flex was really very easy. The app is also very easy to use and has a logical structure. During testing I never experienced a disconnection, so that is really great! What is also great, that you can see for what percentage the Mono Flex is still charged.

What is really nice is that you can create many more patterns in the app and here you can also have both motors vibrate separately from each other. This way you can choose what is best for you. You can do this yourself with the live control function.

The connect app also contains patterns from others and you can also have the Mono Flex respond to music. Then you have the patterns on the beat of the music. Very funny, but I prefer to be able to determine it myself.

You can also connect the Satisfyer app with your partner (or through someone else if you want). So many different possibilities!


Would I recommend the Satisfyer Mono Flex? Hell yes! A really great sex toy for an affordable price. The vibrations of the Mono Flex are really nice. The Connect app is also really brilliant, works perfectly and you can save your favorite patterns, so you don't have to figure it out again next time.

You can buy the Satisfyer Mono Flex here at Christine le Duc

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