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Review Sensual Glass Bibi from Rimba

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

GlassGlass dildos, something that is still a barrier for many people to purchase something like this, because aren't they incredibly fragile? That is dangerous, you are busy and it breaks. Some prejudices about glass dildos. But what about now? You can read it below in my review of the Sensual Glass Bibi from Rimba.


Material: glass

Length: 18,5 cm

Diameter: tussen 2,6 – 3,5 cm

Waterproof: ja

The dildo can be used with waterbased-lube or silicone-based lube

Retail price: € 29,90

You can buy the Sensual Glass Bibi from Rimba here at Euphoria Erotiek

My first impression

I've had a glass dildo before so when Euphoria Erotiek asked me if I wanted to test the Sensual Glass Bibi for them, I immediately said yes. The Sensual Glass Bibi is not that big, but it does have a fairly wide head with ridges and a handle that is quite thin, looks very nice.

Packaging and details

The Sensual Glass Bibi I received comes in a simple white box with a see-through window. This allows you to see the dildo and you can immediately see that it is firmly secured in the casing. The Sensual Glass Bibi now has a new packaging with a little more color😉

The Sensual Glass Bibi has a beautiful blue color, has a curved shape and is made of indestructible sturdy glass, which really does not break easily. Unless you drop the glass dildo on tiles or hard surfaces, the most sturdy glass will of course then break.

What I really like about glass dildos is that they are super easy to clean (make sure you clean the ridges well with the Sensual Glass Bibi). Just with some warm water or a toy cleaner.

It is also very nice that you do not have to think about whether your lubricant is suitable for the toy with glass dildos, because you can use water-based lubricant, but also silicone-based lubricant, ideal!

The test

This time I use a silicone-based lubricant, very nice because it lasts longer and can of course go well in combination with the Sensual Glass Bibi

What strikes me immediately is that, because the handle is a bit narrower, this dildo feels less heavy than my other glass dildos. Because the handle is narrower, you have a little less grip than if it had been wider and larger. But because the handle is narrower, you could also use it as an anal dildo. So you basically have a 2-in-1 toy. (I didn't test it anal)

I love to insert my glass dildos without preheating them first, it feels a bit cold at first, but it heats up so quickly!

Because yes, that is another advantage of glass dildos, you can warm them up in advance or cool them down before you insert it, you call it temperature play, nice to try out.

What I really like about the Sensual Glass Bibi is that the ribbed head can be felt very well on the inside, I know exactly where to find my G-spot and can stimulate it very easily by going over it with the ridges. This really gives a very nice feeling. Because the handle is narrower, I can put a little less pressure than normal, but it had no further consequences for me, because that is how I reached an orgasm very easily. I have to say that I can easily get an orgasm through internal stimulation alone, unfortunately this is not the case for everyone. Many people also need external stimulation, such as a bullet vibrator that stimulates your clitoris.


I think the Sensual Glass Bibi is a very nice and good dildo. Not too big, but efficient. Not to mention very well priced! Definitely recommended if you want to try something different.

You can buy the Sensual Glass Bibi from Rimba here at Euphoria Erotiek

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