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Review ToyJoy Magnificent

When I had just started my blog, I received a message from Monique from Moments2Share She has a webshop with sex toys and writes the texts for the products all herself. She was looking for guest bloggers and asked if I would enjoy working with her. Of course I really liked that and so I got the ToyJoy Magnificent to test. My first toy with pinpoint stimulation. A great new experience!


Material: Silicone / ABS

Rechargeable: Yes, met USB-cable

Vibrations: 6 pulsation functions and 5 vibration speeds

Waterproof: Yes

Selling price € 41,95, you can buy here at

My first impression

The Magnificent looks very similar to the Zumio (I have only seen this on images) and has two separate attachments. One ball and one with flaps, they are small, so easy to lose if you do not store them properly.

In contrast to the Zumio, which oscillates (a kind of small circles), the Magnificent is a real pinpoint vibrator, nothing wrong with that, because how delicious!

Package and details

The packaging is a simple box with a picture of the Magnificent on it, it is not a packaging that I think wow!

In the package you will find the Magnificent, the charging cable, the two attachments and a manual. As I already indicated, the attachments are recommended to be stored properly, otherwise you will lose them. You can of course leave one of them on the Magnificent.

The Magnificent has three different buttons, the on / off button, a button to increase the vibrations and a button to decrease the vibrations.

The test

This was my first experience with a real pinpoint vibrator, so was not sure what to expect, was afraid it would be too intense because the tip of the Magnificent looks quite "hard". So I first used water-based lubricant and put the round attachment on it and then I was ready.

Wow what an experience that was, those focused vibrations against my clitoris, a very intense experience.

I don't know how best to describe the feeling, but I loved it and I now know that I will use this toy very often!

The Magnificent has different vibration patterns that you can choose between by pressing the middle button. This is quite difficult to feel, just because the buttons are not very thick, so you press the wrong button faster and that is not always nice if you are just in your favorite vibration mode and you just wanted to turn it a bit louder or softer.

I also tried the Magnificent with the attachment with flaps, but that didn't feel very nice, so I quickly removed it and then tried it without an attachment. This also gives that wonderful feeling, but I like it even better with the round attachment.


I think it's a great experience and I will be using the Magnificent very often. This is a very good pinpoint vibrator for a very good price, I really recommend it!

Here you will find the link again where you can buy the Magnificent

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