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Review Womanizer Duo

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

The Womanizer Duo is a sex toy that has been on my wishlist for a while and Easytoys was so sweet to send it to me so that I could test it and write my review about it here 😊


Material: Silicone and ABS plastic

Length: 20 cm, of which you can put inside you 10,5 cm

Diameter: 3,5 cm

Waterproof: Yes

Rechargeable : Yes via USB kabel

Positions: 12 airpressure positions, 12 vibration positions and 10 vibratiepaterns

The Womanizer Duo can only be used with water-based lubricant

Retail price: € 199,00, you can buy the Womanizer Duo at Easytoys

My first impression

The Womanizer Duo, a sex toy that has been on my wishlist for a while, there it is! I have of course seen the Womanizer Duo regularly and I always had to think of a travel hair dryer that you can take with you, because of the shape of the Womanizer Duo. What a device!

I have already tested the Womanizer Premium (you can read my review of this here) and I already thought it was great, so I can't wait to experience the Womanizer Duo.

Packaging and details

The Womanize Duo comes in a nice solid dark blue, with gold box. This box has a see-through window through which you can immediately see the Womanizer Duo. I have the Womanizer Duo in the color Blueberry, a very nice dark blue color. The functions of the Womanizer Duo are listed on the back with the text The best of two worlds above it.

In the packaging you will of course find the Womanizer Duo, the USB charging cable, the manual, an extra nozzle, a storage bag that says Go love yourself! And as a bonus, there is also a clitoris key ring, super nice, I immediately added this to my bunch of keys.

Charging the Womanizer Duo is done by placing the magnetic USB cable on the two magnetic dots.

The on/off button of the Womanizer Duo is located at the back of the head, this is super handy, because that way you don't accidentally press the off button when you're just having fun.

The Womanizer Duo also has 5 other buttons, 2 buttons for the air pressure part and 3 buttons for the vibration part.

I think the button for the vibration part is like a small bullet vibrator image with half moons along it, with this you make the vibrations harder and with the minus you make the vibrations softer. If you want a different vibration pattern, choose the button with dots in a square.

There is a line between the buttons for the vibrations and the buttons for adjusting the air pressure, so you can still somewhat feel which button you can use to adjust your settings. But to be honest, it would have been more palpable if the buttons had been a bit thicker, now you sometimes press the air pressure button when I only wanted to increase the vibrations of the rod.

The button for the air pressure part is a kind of speaker image, with this you can increase the air pressure and with the minus you can decrease it again.

The Womanizer Duo also has a Smart Silence function, which means that the Womanizer does nothing when it does not come into contact with your clitoris, this can be ideal, for example, when you have had your orgasm and you no longer need stimulation (or when you are disturbed by your children for example hahah) then you can take it out and it stop it immediately. You can also turn off the Smart Silence by pressing the two top buttons at the same time, so the Womanizer Duo will remain on constantly, unless you turn it off yourself with the power button.

The test

Also this time I am again armed with lubricant ready to test. When testing the Womanizer Duo I use a water-based lubricant, this time again the Sliquid Sassy. A very nice lubricant that does not give me an allergic reaction 😊. And lube is just always a good idea, just makes it even better!

As I said on my first impression, what a device!

The Womanizer Duo looks quite large, especially the unit that you have to place on your clitoris, but when you get started it is actually not that bad. I studied the buttons well in advance so that I knew which button is where.

The shape of the rod is really great, it really hits my G-spot with ease and those vibrations, wow what a nice feeling, these are really deep vibrations (which I really love)

The people who read my reviews more often know that I am not the biggest fan of vibration patterns, but this combination with air pressure, indescribable but what a great feeling!

With the Womanizer Premium I had an orgasm in no time, but thanks to this combination I really have an explosive blended orgasm even faster…. And that hands-free too, because once you have inserted the Womanizer Duo, it stays in place really well. For a quick fix I know that the Womanizer Duo works very well, but let's face it, sometimes it is wonderful to postpone your orgasm, keep looking for the edge, turn off the Womanizer Duo and wait a while before you turn on again. This way you can enjoy it a little longer and because you build up your orgasm, it becomes even more intense, love it!


I am a very big fan of the Womanizer Duo, I just love this combination of air pressure and the internal stimulation. The Womanizer Duo is of course a hefty expense, but as far as I'm concerned it's really worth the money.

Retail price: € 199,00, you can buy the Womanizer Duo at Easytoys

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