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Review Womanizer Marilyn Monroe

A while ago I received the Womanizer Marilyn Monroe Edition from Womanizer itself, this is the Womanzier Classic 2. I've never had the classic so I can't compare it to that, but I do have the Womanizer Premium (read my review again here)

Womanizer is really one of my favorite brands and almost all of its toys are in my top 5! Only the Wominzer OG not....


Material: ABS Plastic and silicone

Positions: 10 air pulsation positions

Waterproof: yes

Rechargeable: yes, via USB-kabel

Retailprice: € 129,99 you can buy the Womanizer Marilyn Monroe edition here

My first impression

It's great that Womanizer honors the Icon Marilyn Monroe, she was best known for her scene where her skirt blows up. And of course her performance for President John F. Kennedy where she sang happy birthday to him in a sultry way.

What a beautiful color scheme this Womanizer Marilyn Monroe has, a marble look, super cool! They also have the colors black marble, a kind of green / blue and dark pink.

What is new with the Womanizer Marilyn Monroe is that it has an afterglow function, just like the Womanizer Duo 2, but I will tell you more about that in a moment.

Packaging and details

The packaging of Womanizer always looks good, a sturdy box with the image of the Womanizer Marilyn Monroe on the front and a see-through window through which you can already sit the toy. The most important functions are listed on the back and as soon as you open the box you will also see a short explanation of how to use the Womanizer.

You will of course find the Womanizer Marilyn Monroe in the packaging, and there is also a manual, the charger, an extra spout and a storage bag.

The extra nozzle is always nice, because it has a different size than the one that comes standard, it is best to try out which nozzle works best for you.

As you can see, you also charge the Womanizer Duo 2 with the magnetic charging cable and you see that the Womanizer Marilyn Monroe also only has 3 buttons, the on/off button just above the charging points, the plus and the minus button

Unlike the Womanizer Premium, the Womanizer Marilyn Monroe does not have a smart silence function. This means that the Womanizer Marilyn Monroe really works as soon as you turn it on. The Womanizer Premium only works on contact with the clitoris if you have not turned off the smart silence function.

The Womanizer Premium also has 4 extra air pressure settings and an autopilot function, I never use this autopilot function myself because I like to be in control myself, but this is nice if you like variety. The autopilot function automatically goes from soft to hard when you have switched it on.

I mentioned above that the Womanzier Marilyn Monroe (just like with the Womanzier Duo 2) has another new function, namely the afterglow. Many people do not like that the moment you are about to come, the intensity of the vibrations or air pressure remains on the high setting and you therefore have to turn it down by pressing the button a dozen times, or even by toy off your clitoris.

That is why Womanzier has created the afterglow function, which means that with 1 push of a button (the on/off button) you can immediately reset the Womanizer Marilyn Monroe to position 1, so the Womanizer Marilyn Monroe will continue to stimulate , but very soft, so you can enjoy your orgasm longer.

The biggest difference between the Womanizer Marilyn Monroe and the Womanizer Premium is the price, the Marilyn Monroe is €129.99 and the Premium is €189.

The test

As always, I start my test with lubricant, also this time I used the Pjur Woman Nude, I find that a very pleasant lubricant that is water-based.

I think air pressure stimulation is a really great invention, from the start that I came into contact with this I was immediately a fan. I have therefore already tested several air pressure vibrators, but Womanizer remains a favorite, in fact, there is always one next to me in bed, either the Womanizer Premium, the Marilyn Monroe or the Duo (both versions)

Previously when I used the Womanizer premium and I had reached my orgasm, I immediately turned it off because otherwise it feels really very intense, but now with the Womanizer Marilun Monroe I have of course tested the afterglow function, actually it is really a super nice function, you just have to figure out which timing is best for you to use the afterglow function, because too early is not nice, but too late then the effect is also gone. I now know which timing works perfectly for me and I can enjoy my orgasm and the feeling you get with it for an extra long time.


I'm really a fan of the Womanizer Marilyn Monroe, I think the afterglow function is a real added value. I would definitely recommend this if you like air pressure stimulation and don't mind the lack of a smart silence function. And if you do want that, I would choose the Womanizer Premium

you can buy the Womanizer Marilyn Monroe edition here and if you do want to choose for the Womanizer Premium, you can buy that one here

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