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Review Womanizer Premium

Like every sextoy tester, I also have a wishlist of things that I would definitely like to test. The Womanizer was also on my wishlist and now the time has come! I got the Womanizer Premium from Womanizer herself and couldn't wait to try it :-)

The parcel deliverer was a bit surprised that I greeted him so enthusiastically, but of course he didn't know what was in the package he was carrying.....


Material: Silicone and ABS Plastic

Rechargeble: Yes, via USB-kabel

Vibrations: 12 intensities and the auto-pilot function with 3 different intensities

Waterproof: Yes

Retail price: € 189,00

You can buy the Womanizer Premium at Easytoys or

My first impression

I have already tested a lot of toys with air pressure pulsations, but never the Womanizer, so curious if I will notice many differences, because everyone knows that Womanizer was the first brand to bring toys with air pressure pulsations on the market. And Womanizer is of course a well-known leading brand.

I get really happy when I unpack the Womanize Premium.

Packaging and details

I received the Womanizer Premium Blueberry, which comes in a nice stylish dark blue sturdy box with a viewing window through which you can see the Womanizer Premium immediately. A number of features of the Womanizer Premium are listed on the back of the packaging.

In the packaging you will find the Womanizer, the magnetic USB charging cable, a storage bag, extra nozzle, card with I Masturbate and an extensive manual.

The Womanizer Premium is made entirely of soft silicone with a small ABS edge, which feels really nice. As I mentioned, I have the Womanizer Premium Blueberry, it has a deep blue color and I think it has a luxurious look by using this color. love it! The Womanizer Premium is also available in the colors red, black and white. The Womanizer Premium also has a slightly curved shape, easy to hold.

I just said that there is an extra nozzle in the package, as you can see in the photo the difference is in the height of the nozzles. I myself use the "largest" because with this nipple I get to my clitoris well, with the smaller one I have to push the Womanizer harder against my clitoris to achieve the desired effect and I don't like that.

Charging the Womanizer Premium is done with the magnetic USB cable.

As you can see, the Womanizer Premium has 4 buttons in total, the on/off button with 3 dots underneath, these light up when the Womanizer Premium is on, then you can see how far the battery is charged.

Then you have a button with a wave, this is the autopilot function.

And the plus and minus buttons. This allows you to increase or decrease the intensities. Both buttons can be felt very well, so also easy to use while masturbating.

The test

I also use water-based lubricant when using the Womanizer Premium. This does not affect the silicone and it is just nicer to use with a toy.

I immediately notice that the Womanizer Premium has a top function, namely the Smart Silence, which means that the Womanizer only works when it comes into contact with your clitoris (or when it touches another body part). This is ideal, when you've reached your orgasm, you can just take it off and it stops immediately, no more searching for the off button! Please note, if the nozzle is not properly in place or if there is too much body fluid or lubricant in the nozzle, the sensor will not always work and will therefore remain on. Then you can of course turn it off yourself.

The Womanizer Premium is really quiet in use, so you can use it undisturbed without anyone on the other side of the door being able to enjoy it (unless you make a lot of noise yourself ;-) ) And if you don't use the Womanizer Premium for 5 minutes, it will turn off automatically, this can be handy, because the Smart Silence function allows you to forget that it is still on, if it turns off itself, it will save you the battery and you will not be faced with surprises that it is empty is if you want to use it again.

Furthermore, the Womanizer Premium has an Autopilot function. This allows you to let the Womanizer Premium decide for itself when it goes harder or softer. You can choose from 3 different settings, with position 1 the intensity is between 1-4, with position 2 the intensity is between 1-8 and with position 3 the intensity is between 1-12. By using this feature, the Womanizer Premium varies between the range you have chosen. It's like a vibrational pattern, only not in the same rhythm, but really varied.

Of course I also tried this function, it is nice that the pulsations are built up slowly, but I prefer to be in control myself. Sometimes the pulsations were too soft and at other times too hard, then I prefer the steady positions where I can decide for myself how hard or soft I want the pulsations. It's a nice addition, but not necessary for me.

And then I want to talk about the "normal" use of the Womanizer Premium, I've already tested quite a few air pressure toys, but with the Womanizer Premium I was really on top of the world! What a wonderful feeling and what intense orgasms I get with this. The Womanizer Premium has 12 intensity settings, something for everyone.


The Womanizer Premium now has a permanent place in my bed. What a great thing, really worth the money! I find it very nice in the hand and easy to use. They should use the Smart Silence function on every toy for me, because this is really ideal.

The autopilot function is nice, but not necessary for me. I just prefer to be in control myself.

It's highly recommended!

You can buy the Womanizer Premium at Easytoys or

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