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Review Zalo Bess

I got the Zalo Bess from Love Lizzy and what a chic look this toy has, I love it! If you want to know what I think of the Zalo Bess, read on quickly.


Material: Silicone and ABS plastic

Rechargeable: Yes, via USB cable

Vibrations: 3 steady positions and 5 paterns

Waterproof: No

Selling price: € 79,95

You can buy the Zalo Bess here at Love Lizzy

My first impression

I think the Zalo Bess looks really chic because of the beautiful color combination of the gold with the green. It is a pinpoint vibrator and I have discovered that I really like pinpoint vibrators. I just wonder what I'm going to think of the 2 separate setup pieces.

Packaging and details

The Zalo Bess comes in a black box with a golden Egyptian-style drawing on it. If you see the box like this you wouldn't expect it to contain a sex toy, so you could easily place it somewhere for decoration if you wanted.

When you open the box (it's like a book you open) you see the Zalo Bess, the top of the Zalo Bess is gold with a very nice pattern.

The bottom of the Zalo Bess that I have is emerald green, but the Zalo Bess is also available in black and red. The first set-up piece (a circle) is already on the toy. The package contains 2 other attachments, one that you can slide over the Zalo Bess, and one that looks a bit like a crown.

The package contains a small box, which contains a storage bag, the USB charging cable, the user manual and a warranty card.

The Zalo Bess has 2 buttons, the top one is to turn on the pinpoint vibrator, the bottom button is to turn on the bottom of the Zalo Bess, because yes, the Zalo Bess has 2 functions, you can also use it as a "normal" " vibrator, although you cannot insert it too deeply due to the buttons and the magnetic dots to charge it.

You charge the Zalo Bess by means of the magnetic USB charging cable.

The test

Here comes the standard sentence in my reviews again: always use lubricant when using your toys! Especially with a pinpoint vibrator it is extra important to use lubricant.

I first tested the Zalo Bess with the round attachment, the first setting already feels good, not yet too intense and the vibrations are also dampened by the ball, but fine for a first setting, so I want to quickly switch to the next one, but this is a pattern! Huh, this is not what I expected, normally you have the steady positions first and then the patterns ...

So quickly on to the next position, see what this is, because I'm not really into the patterns, especially not with pinpoint stimulation. So this is again a steady position and more intense than the first steady position.

So now I just keep zapping to see how this works and it is as follows; steady, pattern, steady, pattern, pattern, steady, pattern, pattern. A very strange choice in my opinion why this was done, because it is not like other toys at all. Perhaps one reason why they did it, to break a "familiar" pattern? I have no idea, but I don't really like it, now I have to count very well to get to my favorite position.

Now that I know how the positions work, I quickly go to the one that feels very pleasant to me, that is steady position number 2. (the third position). This stimulation is not too intense, but feels really nice, no problem at all to get an orgasm with this.

Of course I also tested the two other attachments, first the one that you slide all the way over the gold part of the Zalo Bess. This makes me doubt whether it is for internal or external use, because due to the slight curvature it looks more like the G-spot stimulation, but of course it is only a thin golden bar what is in it. I try it internally anyway, but this feels very strange, I don't want to put too much pressure, afraid that the stick will break or something, so I tried externally anyway. I did not feel the vibrations very well through this set-up piece so this did not feel as nice as the ball.

The attachment in the shape of the crown felt quite stiff and actually not very pleasant on my clitoris, so I didn't try this for long, because I just didn't like it.

In the end I also tested the Zalo Bess without attachments and then you can feel the difference in terms of intensity of the vibrations. Now they are heavier, but still very nice in the steady positions.

As I mentioned above, you can also use the bottom of the Zalo Bess as a vibrator, the vibrations are fine, but not wow. Of course you cannot insert it too deeply. Perhaps if this is your first toy, you would really like that the Zalo Bess has 2 functions, but for me the pinpoint stimulation would have been enough.


I think the Zalo Bess is a very nice and beautiful pinpoint vibrator. As an attachment I would only have done the ball myself, because it is just good. I would have left out the other two myself. The patterns are very strangely constructed, but you can get used to that. I would definitely recommend it for pinpoint stimulation!

You can buy the Zalo Bess here at Love Lizzy now for € 79,95

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