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Review Zoe

So and there is finally a new review after the holiday period. Today's review is already the fifth toy of the Lieberté collection, namely Zoe


Material: Siliconen and ABS Plastic

Rechargeable: Yes Zoe is, in the remote has to be a special battery which is included

Length: 17 cm (is including the antenna)

Diameter:3,5 cm

Waterproof: Yes

Retail price: € 39,99, You can buy Zoe here

My first impression

I have mentioned it a number of times in my previous reviews of the Lieberté collection, I think it's a beautiful color combination, that black with the red metallic edge. And the Zoe looks like an egg with a long antenna

Packaging and details

The style of the packaging of the Lieberté collection is red with black, which you also see here at Zoe, it is a red sleeve around a sturdy cardboard packaging. The image of Zoe on the front is the actual size and on the back you can read some nice details. Each toy of the Lieberté collection has a nice description about the name Zoe, how they see the woman:

Zoe is a mysterious woman full of surprises. With her sparkling personality, she can light up any room. But don't be fooled, because behind her innocently glittering eyes hides a mischievous woman who likes to push the boundaries. She enjoys life and tries to get the most out of it. She doesn't easily show the back of her tongue, but if you have won her heart, she will give herself completely to you.

As soon as you remove the sleeve you will see the black sturdy packaging with the name Lieberté on it.

In the package you will find Zoe, a short manual, charging cable, the remote control and a button cell battery for the remote control.

On the image you can see where to plug in the charger, namely at the back in the designated place. You can push the pin through the silicone part.

On the image above you can see that Zoe only has 1 button, you press it and then you press the button on the remote control, with which you can zap through the different modes.

The test

As always, I provide enough lubricant (water-based, because silicone affects your toy). I have already turned on the on / off button and insert Zoe. I dry my hands before grabbing the remote and turning on Zoe's vibrations.

I immediately notice that the first position already has good strong vibrations and what strikes me even more is that Zoe really makes very little noise, a real plus!

As always, I zap through the different vibration functions and notice that I like to alternate with Zoe, instead of the steady positions that I normally use. The variation in vibrations is fine, it gives powerful deep vibrations, alternating with less deep vibrations.

Zoe is a great toy to use as a warm-up (if I can describe it that way) And it's extra fun if you give your partner the remote control and they can determine how hard / soft the vibrations are set. Zoe should also be easier to wear in public because it is relatively quiet.

Zoe is also a good toy to train your pelvic floor muscles, so you can of course use it without turning on the vibrations.


I like Zoe to use, nice and powerful vibrations. I was not a fan of vibrating eggs due to my previous experience with this, but I would definitely like to use Zoe more often.

I will post another video below where you can hear the sound when I hold it in my hand.

You can buy Zoe here

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