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Review Glamour Vibe

Today I have the review of the Glamour Vibe for you, again a toy I got from Christine le Duc to test. I am really exited to test a bullet vibrator this time. I was wondering if the Glamour Vibe has powerful vibrations, and I can already tell you, the Glamour Vibe has it for sure! I like that a lot. You can easily take the Glamour Vibe everywhere you go, because of it's small size. The Glamour Vibe is only 10 cm long.

Material: ABS Plastic

Recharge : Yes, with the USB cable

Vibrations: 10 different possibilities Waterproof: Splash proof

Price: € 39,99 You can buy the Glamour Vibe here at Christine le Duc

My first impression

De Glamour Vibe has a real eye-catching color red, with the remarkable mask of Christine le Duc. It's made of smooth material so really easy to clean. Be aware you can not put the whole Glamour Vibe into the water. It's only splash proof.

Packaging and details

The packaging of the Glamour Vibe is a real small carton box, it has a nice gold color with the image of the Glamour vibe on the front of the box. The box is not that firm, so I don't think you can use it real often to put back the glamour vibe.

In the packaging you will find the Glamour vibe with underneath the USB charging cable and the user manual.

De Glamour Vibe has only 1 button, with this button you can turn on/off the Glamour Vibe and you can switch between the different vibration patterns. You can feel the button real good, so it's easy to use.

Next to the button you can see the charging dots, these work with the magnetic USB charging cable. Charging of the Glamour vibe is getting smooth, the cable adapt correctly to the toy. I prefer the cable a little longer. Now it's quite short and I had to put the Glamour Vibe on something higher, so it can charge correctly.

The test

Real important to use with a bullet vibrator (actually with every toy) is lots of lube. Since the Glamour Vibe is made of ABS plastic, I have chosen for a silicone based lube.

The moment I turn on the Glamour Vibe I already feel very deep vibrations and that is only the first position, wow I personally like this a lot. If this is your first toy It might be a little heavy, but like I wrote before, every person is different and likes different things. One person can love it and another person don't likes it all. But I'm surprised in a positive way, that a small to like the Glamour Vibe can have such powerful vibrations! The first 3 positions are steady vibrations of which the first one is powerful and the third is really powerful. At the third position you need to make sure to hold it tight, otherwise it will vibrate away from your hand.

Personally I don't use different vibration patterns a lot, I try them, but switch real quick back to the beginning.

As you may have seen, the Glamour vibe has two sides. A round and a flat side. With the flat side you can stimulate your intimate parts and the round side you can use to stimulate your clitoris directly. I have used both sides and had a real quick orgasm with the stimulation with the flat side and with the round side. The cause of this are the deep vibrations.

I also think it's a real plus that the Glamour Vibe is a small size, so you can take the Glamour Vibe everywhere you go. It can make a boring day a bit more exited.

Ik vind het ook echt een pluspunt dat hij zo klein is en je de Glamour Vibe dus echt overal mee naartoe kan nemen, zo kan je een saaie dag altijd wat spannender maken.


De Glamour Vibe is a real great toy for me, I would really recommend the Glamour Vibe if you like deep vibrations. In no time you will have an orgasm with the Glamour Vibe.

You can buy the Glamour Vibe here at Christine le Duc

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