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Review PalmPower Pocket

A while ago I tested a wand vibrator for the first time, I really liked it and then I realized that I still had the PalmPower Pocket, which I received a while ago from Euphoria Erotiek. And mini version of a wand vibrator, super handy size that you can take anywhere.


Material: Siliconen and ABS plastic

Positions: 3 vibration patterns and 4 steady vibration modes

Waterproof: No, but you can remove the cover from the head, you can wipe the rest with a cloth

Rechargeable: Yes, via USB-kabel

Retail price: € 40,00 you can buy the PalmPower Pocket here

My first impression

What a nice, cute and small wand vibrator, what I immediately ask myself is whether the vibrations are powerful enough, because it really is a small thing. See the photos below

Packaging and details

The packaging of the PalmPower Pocket is a simple plastic packaging.

In the package you will of course find the PalmPower Pocket, a USB charging cable, a manual and a very nice bag to store the PalmPower Pocket in, so you can take it with you wherever you want.

As you can see, the charger goes in at the bottom of the PalmPower Pocket, what I also find very handy is the label on the charger with the name on it, so you always know where to find the right charger among all the others (in my case there are many )

Here you can also see that the silicone parts can be removed, you can clean them very easily, these are of course waterproof. The PalmPower Pocket itself is not waterproof, but you can easily wipe it with a damp cloth.

The test

As always I start my test with lubricant, this time I used the Pjur Woman Nude, I find that a very pleasant lubricant that is water-based.

And then the testing can begin, the PalmPower Pocket only has 1 button so not much can go wrong. Normally I don't like that very much, but the PalmPower Pocket doesn't have that many different modes so it's easier to "zap" through it

What I immediately notice is that I really feel the vibrations in my fingers, now I also understand that other silicone strap around it, if you hold the PalmPower Pocket here, the vibrations in your fingers are less intense.

But coming back to the vibrations, these are really surprisingly good! I really didn't expect that from such a small device. This feels really nice. I'm really a fan of steady positions and the PalmPower Pocket doesn't disappoint me either, what nice orgasms you get because of this.

I've written it before, I really like direct stimulation on my clitoris, the PalmPower Pocket is a great toy for that.

The patterns of the PalmPower Pocket are also fun to try, but I always get the feeling that your orgasm is approaching and then it drops off again, that might be nice to use as a warm-up, but it's more fun to finish it to do with a steady state.


The PalmPower Pocket surprised me positively, the vibrations from such a small size toy, really great! And of course because of this size you can really take the PalmPower Pocket with you everywhere, because you can put it in your bag without anyone noticing.

I really recommend it.

you can buy the PalmPower Pocket here

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