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Review Pleasurizer

Today I am writing the review about Christine le Duc's pleasurizer, a toy that can be used in different ways :-)


Material: Silicone

Rechargeable: Yes, both the pleasurizer and the remote control via USB

Vibrations: 9 different positions

Waterproof: Yes

Retail price: € 49.99

You can buy the Pleasurizer here at the site of Christine le Duc

My first impression

The Pleasurizer is made of silicone and I always find this very pleasant to the touch. Bodysafe and very easy to clean. Very important to do this before and after using your toy!

The Pleasurizer has a nice size and I think you can wear it in your panties without being bothered by it. What I really like is that the remote control is also rechargeable, no more hassle with batteries that you still have to buy.

Packaging and details

The Pleasurizer comes in a simple cardboard packaging with the Pleasurizer image on it. The Pleasurizer is also part of Christine le Duc's Delights collection. In the box you will find the pleasurizer, the remote control and the USB charging cable.

The Pleasurizer itself has 1 on / off button, with this you can also "zap" through the different vibration patterns, you can use this if you hold it in your hand during targeted clitoral stimulation instead of putting it in your panties.

The remote control has 2 different buttons, one to turn it on / off and one to "zap" through the vibration patterns.

You charge the Pleasurizer by means of the magnetic USB cable that comes with it. This also applies to the remote control.

The test

Here comes the advice again; always use enough lubricant when using a toy, this is just much nicer. Also use a water-based lubricant for the pleasurizer, this will not affect the silicone and you will enjoy your toy for longer.

I tested the Pleasurizer in 2 different ways, as direct clitoral stimulation and when I put it in my panties.

As a direct clitoral stimulator I really love it, the Pleasurizer has deep vibrations, the first three settings are steady positions and go from reasonably powerful vibrations to very powerful vibrations. With the Pleasurizer I actually only use the steady positions, but that is very personal, perhaps someone else likes the different patterns. The direct stimulation makes it very easy for me to get an orgasm with the Pleasurizer. With the direct stimulation, I also find it nicer not to use the remote control, because the button of the Pleasurizer can be felt well and you can easily reach it, making the remote control superfluous in this case.

I have also used the Pleasurizer as a slip vibrator, because of the size it fits perfectly in your panties and because of the thickening with the "ridges" you can feel this pretty well as stimulation. If you want to use the Pleasurizer in public, I would make sure that you do not set it to the loudest vibration setting, because then it is clearly audible. Unless of course you are in a room with a lot of ambient noise ;-)

I like it as a slip vibrator, but more as a warm-up, which I cannot orgasm due to this form of stimulation. Which is also fine, but I still want to finish it afterwards.


The Pleasurize is a nice toy for direct clitoral stimulation and fun to use as a slip vibrator. A toy for both the beginner and the more experienced user of sex toys.

You can buy the Pleasurizer here

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