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Review Red Hot Fury

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Euphoria Erotiek sent me the Red Hot Fury to test.

A beautiful bright red toy from CalExotics for clitoral stimulation. How hot do I find him? You can read it below.


Material: Silicone

Rechargeable: yes, via USB-kabel

Vibrations:10 positions, of which 3 steady positions

Waterproof: yes

Retail price: € 55,90

You can buy the Red Hot Fury here at Euphoria Erotiek

My first impression

Red is such a beautiful color, I think it's great that toys are now available in all kinds of colors instead of the standard pink and purple colors.

I must confess that when I saw the Red Hot Fury I had to think of Jokie's hat (child figure), this is because of the "flaps" at the end and of course the red color. I quickly took this image out of my mind, because otherwise it is so difficult to test when you think of it.

Package and details

The Red Hot Fury comes in a sturdy red box, the front of which is made of hard plastic, so you can already see the Red Hot Fury. An image of a sexy couple is also printed on the plastic. You can clearly see through the packaging that this is an adult toy.

In the package you will find the Red Hot Fury itself and a USB charging cable.

Charging the Red Hot Fury is done by pushing the pin of the USB cable through the silicone at the appropriate place, namely under the name CalExotics, as you can see in the photo.

The Red Hot Fury has only 1 button. If you keep the button pressed for a few seconds, it turns on and with the same button you can zap through all the positions. And as you can see, the Red Hot Fury is nice and compact, very easy to take with you.

The test

As you can always read in my reviews, I advise you to use water-based lubricant when you start with a toy. This is not only because it all slides more smoothly, but also because the intensity of the vibrations is better guided by the lubricant.

Today I want to put Pjur's lubricant in the spotlight. This time I used the water-based Pjur Stimulating Ginseng. This is an odorless and tasteless lubricant that does not stick, but is very nice to use. Ginseng promotes blood flow and brings you a stimulating experience. I noticed when using this lubricant that my clitoris is even more sensitive than normal, but this was a positive experience.

The nice thing about this lubricant is that you don't only have to use it in combination with a toy, but you can also use it during sex. The lubricant is also safe to use with condoms.

What's extra nice is that in the month of July you get a 10% discount when purchasing a Pjur lubricant at Euphoria Erotiek. The link to the Pjur Stimulating Ginseng can be found here

When I turn on the Red Hot Fury you can immediately see that the flaps move up and down quite quickly, as soon as I put it on my clitoris I notice that it already feels quite intense, especially in combination with the stimulating lubricant I have used. And then it's only position 1! Now I immediately understand where the name Red Hot Fury comes from ;-)

Position 3 (steady) really feels way too intense and that's going way too fast for me at the moment. As you may know, I am normally always into steady positions, but with the Red Hot Fury I also find the patterns to feel very nice, especially the pattern in which the stimulation is a bit softer at first and quickly becomes harder, so I can delay my orgasm.

Because one thing is certain, because of the direct stimulation, it is a piece of cake for me to achieve an orgasm with the Red Hot Fury.

I also think the Red Hot Fury is a kind of pinpoint vibrator, because the flaps also go very specifically over your clitoris, it feels really good. But I am also someone who always really likes direct stimulation.

Here's another video where you can already see the movements well


I think the Red Hot Fury lives up to its name. If you like hard, focused stimulation, I would definitely recommend it. But otherwise I'd say ignore the Red Hot Fury, because it's a really intense experience.

You can buy the Red Hot Fury here at Euphoria Erotiek

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