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Review Sweet treat Satisfyer

It's still May and so it's still the masturbation month, although for me it's always masturbation month ;-) so today I'm writing my review about the Sweet treat from Satisfyer that I got to test from Christine le Duc.


Material: Silicone and ABS plastic

Rechargeable: Yes, with USB cable

Vibrations: 11 rotating paterns, of which 4 different rotating rithems and 3 different speeds of rotating

Waterproof: Yes

Retail price: € 39,99 you can buy it here at Christine le Duc

My first impression

How cute does Satisfyer's Sweet treat look like, I really like the details, it looks like a real strawberry ice cream. The flaps feel very soft, this part of the Sweet treat revolves. It feels nice on my hand and I am very curious about how the Sweet treat works.

Packaging and details

The Sweet treat also comes in the now well-known Satisfyer packaging. I always think these have such fun and fresh colors, love it! The Sweet treat is immediately visible when you open the package through the transparent window and here too Satisfyer has used the hygienic tear-off strip, so you can be sure that the package has not been opened before.

In addition to the Sweet treat, you will also find the USB cable to charge the sweet treat and a small plastic manual in the package.

Charging the Sweet treat takes approximately 3.5 hours.

The Sweet treat is quite a small toy, as you can see it fits in my palm (and I don't have that big hands).

The Sweet treat has only 2 buttons, a + and a - button. With the + button you turn the Sweet treat on and off and you can change position. With the - button you can go back to the previous position. The buttons are fairly close together, but that cannot be otherwise due to the small handle (the cone) they are fortunately noticeable.

The test

Again I put it again in my review, always use enough lubricant when using a toy, this makes everything even smoother and it just glides much better.

I will dry my hands afterwards because as I already mentioned, the Sweet treat is only a small toy and it takes a while to figure out how best to hold it and with smooth hands it only gets more difficult ...

The cone is very small and this allows you to quickly grasp the rotating part, I can tell you that is really not convenient.

What I also notice is when I tried the Sweet treat on my hand that the so-called flaps felt quite soft and fine, but now that I feel it on my clitoris, the flaps feel a lot sharper and harder. The vibrations of the Sweet treat, or rather the rotations, feel good in the first position, but if you go faster I don't like it as much. I like direct stimulation, but this feels a bit too much ...

You cannot press the Sweet treat a bit harder against your body to distribute this feeling, because then the Sweet treat will simply stop spinning. The motor cannot handle that.

I also tested the Sweet treat on my nipples for example, it felt better there than on my clitoris. Even if you go over the rest of your body with the Sweet treat, it feels like a kind of gentle caress. That feels nice.

I think it is funny that they indicate on the packaging that the Sweet treat is easy to clean ..... I have a different experience with this, because after use I immediately cleaned it with water and toy cleaner, but you really have to feel all the flaps to see if they are clean, because because it is so tightly twisted together, something can easily get stuck in between.

The advantage is that the Sweet treat is waterproof so you can turn the Sweet treat on and keep it in the water for cleaning.


I think the Sweet treat is a super cute toy to see and when you go over your body it feels nice, but I personally would not recommend it as a clitoral stimulator. I really like direct stimulation (pinpoint for example) but I cannot describe the feeling of the Sweet treat well, it felt a bit sharper and therefore less pleasant. My personal opinion is that I would rather opt for a bullet or pinpoint stimulator than for the Sweet treat.

I think it's a fun toy to have in my collection, but that's purely because it looks so cute.

If you still want to buy the Sweet treat yourself, you can do so here at Christine le Duc

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